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Findings of archaeologists in Greece near the island of Delos

Large-scale archaeological research was carried out from 2 on 20 May this year in the waters off the Greek island of Delos (the Cyclades Islands group) in the southern Aegean Sea. This was reported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Greece.

During the underwater dives, a large breakwater was studied in detail, which in ancient times protected the main port of Delos from strong western winds. At present, it is two meters below sea level. This is a solid construction with a length of 160 meters and about 40 meters wide. Its base serves as a stone, and the upper part is built of impressive granite blocks.

When this breakwater was built, it is still unknown. Set the time for the construction of this impressive building archaeologists will be on during the new expeditions. Also under the water, a part of the fortress walls and elements of the fallen convoy structure were found.

To the north of the quay at a shallow depth were discovered the remains of a ship of the late Hellenistic era with a load of amphorae for transporting wine and oil from Italy and the western Mediterranean. In addition, two more sunken vessels were found, belonging to the same period.

Scientists believe that sunken ships during the storms transported the cargo during the peak of the island's heyday (at the end of II - the beginning of the 1st century BC), that is, immediately before the destruction of Delos, the ruler of the Bosporan kingdom, Mitridat VI. Evpator. Important is the discovery of amphorae, which indicates that at that time in the Mediterranean was an intensive trade.

A source: Grekodom

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