Today: January 16 2019
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A reminder of the circumstances of the Kennedy assassination is beneficial to Trump

A reminder of the circumstances of the Kennedy assassination is beneficial to Trump

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The declassification of documents about the murder of John F. Kennedy occurs at such an interesting political moment that involuntarily makes one think about "what would that mean?" Not Donald Trump plays in parallel events 1963 year and this day - and the American situation gives for this all reasons.

Several hundred documents on the investigation of the assassination of the US president will be made available to the general public today. But they will not give an answer to one of the main questions of American history.

"Who killed John F. Kennedy?" For a long time will remain without a clear answer - in the official version, that it was a loner Lee Harvey Oswald, has long disbelieved most Americans. But this publication occurs in a very symbolic time. And even announcing about it, President Trump went from Washington to Dallas, the city where his predecessor was killed 54 a year ago.

Formally, he flew to a meeting on overcoming the consequences of the devastating hurricane that struck Texas recently. But to draw attention to the Kennedy assassination of Trump is meaningful for a number of reasons.

First, the Kennedy assassination remains one of the most popular topics in the US - and Trump, who declassifies secret documents, shows himself tearing down the veils exposing the elites. That is, who he called, when he announced his desire to become president - a person not connected with an intra-elite bail, not participating in an intra-elite conspiracy. Which in fact consists not only in the fact that "the hand of the hand washes", that is, the right people have all been seized and all are bought, and all turn a blind eye to venality (as in Hollywood "did not notice" how Harvey Weishstein behaved), but and in concealing the crimes of the past. So, at least, many Americans are convinced. And among them, Trump will receive additional support for his conduct with the Kennedy files.

After all, just a few days before the declassification of Trump had already been accused of allegedly going to extend the secrecy of some of these materials (sort of like at the request of the secret services). That is, even here everything led to the fact that "Trump is to blame." But it soon became clear that everything was exactly the opposite. Trump just does not want to go on about the special services and leave the stamp of secrecy on what is no longer secret.

Thus, and this is secondly, Trump demonstrates to society that he is not a decree of any special services. Especially in a situation where at least some of the secret community is involved in a secret war against him, that is, in the special operation to discredit him, which Americans and the whole world have been watching for a long time. Special services merge information from the White House, play a double game, look for reasons for impeachment of the president - in general, they behave as if Trump was indeed a protege of Russia.

And here there is another parallel with the Kennedy affair - indeed, the US intelligence agencies are suspected of murdering the American president. Whether the FBI in conspiracy with the Texas elites, or the CIA - there are different versions, and they have the same right to exist, as well as the version of the "single Oswald." In any case, November 1963-th is the most powerful failure of the American special services. All the more surprising and inexplicable, if we consider that Oswald acted independently. After all, then it turns out that the president of the superpower was killed by a man who was in the field of vision and under the supervision of professionals who managed not to notice his plans to kill the president. At the beginning of the 60, there were not so many people in the US that only recently returned from the USSR and were suspected of working for the KGB. Oswald was one of them.

And this is the main - and the most advantageous for Trump - a parallel with the current events. Russian trace. Yes, there was a huge, simply huge Russian trace in the Kennedy assassination - Lee Harvey Oswald, just one and a half years before the shots in Dallas, returned from the USSR. He emigrated to our country at 1959, lived here almost three years and returned to the States with his Russian wife and child. He had pro-communist views and after living in Russia he even spoke Russian. And this kind of person is killing the US president - what would Americans think? That the former marine was killed by Kennedy on communist orders from Moscow? Well, at least for this there would be good reasons. Especially after all who denied Oswald was shot and could not say anything anymore.

But no - the version about the involvement of Moscow has not received any serious development either in the 1963, or later. Not because Russia really was not involved in the Kennedy assassination - the news about it was shocked by the special services of the USSR, who, incidentally, did not believe that Oswald was able to kill the president alone. No, Americans were not forced to believe that the Russians killed Kennedy because too many in the American elite hated the young president and there were too many inconsistencies in the murder to try and hang him on the "scourge of hell from Moscow." But if in the events of 22 November 1963 even the outspoken Russian past of Oswald did not become a reason for anti-Soviet hysteria and attribution of the murder of the USSR, why now in the victory of Trump looking for the "Russian trace", although there is no evidence, not even any indirect evidence its availability? Well Trump did not live in Russia, after all - well, why is the "Russian version" fed almost all the national media for a year already?

Laughter laughs, and the absurdity of the "Russian version" becomes even more noticeable against the background of Kennedy's assassination. And Trump wants to make Americans see it as clearly as possible.

But in the same way, against the background of the Kennedy assassination, the similarity of the two presidents, which is the most important, both resounds brighter - both had a huge number of opponents in the establishment. And if Kennedy critically increased their number during the incomplete three years of his presidency, Trump broke into the White House in spite of the openly expressed reluctance of the absolute majority of the ruling elite. Now it is important that their lives do not end in the same way.

Peter Akopov
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