Today: January 22 2019
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The violation of the SDA in Cyprus will be more expensive

The violation of the SDA in Cyprus will be more expensive

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Fines for certain types of violations of traffic rules in Cyprus - the lowest in the European Union. The Ministry of Justice intends to raise them and prepares a package of laws aimed at tightening the penal system for violations of traffic rules. One suggestion is to increase the penalty for talking on a mobile phone without a hands free system or handsfree from 85 to 300 euro.

We have prepared five or six bills, which revised the fines for major violations, which are in most cases the cause of fatal accidents, - quotes The Cyprus Mail Minister of Justice and Public Order of the Republic of Cyprus Jonas Nicolaou.

Work on the package of laws is based on data from a study conducted by the University of Cyprus. According to Professor Andreas Kapardis, the main reason (27%) of accidents is driving in a state of intoxication. On the second line of anti-rating - a dangerous ride (23%). Then there are violations of traffic rules when overtaking other vehicles (14%) and exceeding the speed limit (13%).

These studies show that in 2007 year - during a short period of operation of security cameras for violators of traffic rules - the number of accidents on the roads of Cyprus decreased by 14%. The authorities are holding another tender, the winner of which will be entitled to deliver to the island and install cameras.

Statistics data

  • In 2011-2015 on the roads of Cyprus were registered 6562 crash. These data include only those cases when the place of an accident was left by the police.
  • The Association of Insurance Companies cites its data: about 180 thousand accidents in five years. This means that an accident in Cyprus occurs every 15 minutes.
  • The number of serious accidents decreased from 7262 in 1982 year before 1153 in 2014. On the other hand, the number of fatal cases with 12,8 for every 1000 crashes in 1982 year before 39 for every thousand in 2014.
  • Overwhelming majority (82%) Accidents occur in localities and only 5%- on the highways.
  • In 2016 year on the Cypriot roads were lost 46 man, a year earlier - 57.

In the spring of 2017, the commission, which included representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Transport, worked to tighten penalties for violations of traffic rules. It was planned that in some cases fines would increase by 500%. Obviously, some of those proposals will go into a new package of bills.

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