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How great is virtue in the eyes of God - with patience to endure undeserved insults and insults

How great is virtue in the eyes of God - with patience to endure undeserved insults and insults

Tags:Religion, Christianity

(The word from Paterik about obedience) 

It is difficult, brethren, to bear the insults and insults you suffer, and the undeserved ones - and you will not say how difficult it is. In fact: nothing is guilty before a man, nothing but good, you have nothing to do with him, but he is always hurting you, insults you at every turn, curses, moreover, often we simply relent on you. What to do here? The heart is torn to pieces from such insults, places, sometimes, you will not find where to go from grief, you do not know what to do. Yes, it's hard! But remember, brethren, if it is especially difficult, then a special highest reward awaits you in heaven, if you suffer such resentments with patience. Is not the Lord himself saying:Blessings are eaten, when they reproach you, and they go away, and all verbs are evil to you, for the sake of me. Rejoice and be merry, for your bribe is many in the heavens(Matt.5: 11-12)? Yes, truly many. Know, brethren, that, bearing without grumbling, resentment after death is due to the face of martyrs and so much becomes close to God that their prayer can save even their offenders themselves.

Near Alexandria lived an old man, distinguished by the most unruly character. One young monk, hearing about him, said in himself: "Lord, I have sinned a lot before You; but, to make amends for my sins, I will go to a quick-tempered old man, I will work for him and try with patience to transfer everything he does to me. " As the monk said, he did so; and came to live with the old man. "It's said that he is annoyed, the old man, like a dog, for all day." God, seeing the patience of the monk, after six years of his life with the old man showed him the following: he saw the monk of some terrible husband who was holding a large scroll, and said to the monk: "Now, God has blotted out half of your duty; take care that the rest is eliminated. "

It must be noted, however, that near the monk there lived another perspicacious elder, who always heard how a typical elder was angry, as he constantly insults his disciple, as the latter constantly asks for his forgiveness, and the elder, despite pleading, does not forgive him. And, when the visionary elder met a young monk, he usually asked: "Well, how's my son?" How was the day? Did we get anything today? Did the young monk, knowing the foresight of the old man, did not hide anything from him and therefore always answered: "Yes, Father, little labor." When the day passed calmly and the monk was neither insulted nor spat, nor beat, nor driven out, then he, with weeping, came to the perspicacious old man in the evening and said to him: "Woe, abba! evil was the present day; because he was held in peace and did not get anything. "

Six more years passed, and the patient monk died. After his death, the perspicacious Elder saw him regarded as a martyr and praying for his obstinate teacher. "Lord," said the monk, "how You have pardoned me for my old man, so have mercy on him for the sake of Your bounty and for my servant's sake." And the prayer of the departed was heard; For "on the fourteen days," it is said, "the Lord took the Lord to himself and the elder in a place of rest." Behold, the story concludes, what kind of boldness are those who, for the sake of His affliction, tolerate. "

Let us not be insufferable among the undeserved insults and offenses, but we will hope and console ourselves, thinking about that great reward that awaits us for the benign transfer of them into the life of the future. Let us remember that when we suffer in vain resentment, then we should rejoice, knowing that we are approaching the Kingdom of Heaven by soon-passing sorrows, we acquire the right to the desired heritage in the abodes of the Heavenly Father. Do not be embarrassed when you hear insulting words and ridicule, or you will find vain resentments and even persecution. On the contrary, be consoled by the thought that you endure it for the sake of the Lord, and with complacency enduring bitterness, through it serve Him, following His example. Delight in His words:Blessed are they, when they reproach you, and the verb on you is false and evil, For me. Rejoice and be merry, for your bribe is many in the heavens(Matt.5: 11-12).

Tetsyte same tako, yes comprehend. Amen.
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