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Instructions of the Monk Abba Dorotheus

About daily confession

Fathers said how each person should gradually purify himself.
Every evening he must feel himself how he spent the day, and again in the morning, as he spent the night, and repent before God, in what he happened to sin. And each of us must say to himself:
Did I say something that aggravated my brother?
When I saw him engaged in some business, did I condemn him?
Did he not despise him and blaspheme him?
Did I not ask for anything from the cellar, and when he did not give me, did I condemn him and did I not slap him?
If the food was not good, did I say anything?
Or, being in grief, did he not grope at himself? (For if anyone pours on himself, it is a sin. *).
Did the canonarch or some other brother of the (unpleasant) word say to me, and I did not suffer this, but contradicted him?
So we have to test ourselves daily, as we spent the day. In the same way, everyone should experience themselves, as he spent the night:
With zeal, did you come to the vigil?
Or did he groan at waking him?
Or had he been pampered against him?
We should know that the one who wakes us up to the vigil gives us great good deeds and is the cause of the great blessings for us, because he awakens us to talk with God, to pray for our sins, to be enlightened and receive spiritual benefits. How should we not thank such a benefactor? In truth, he should be honored as if through him we were saved.
With attention, did he stand on psalmopenia and prayer, or was carried away by passionate thoughts?
Whether diligently listening to the Divine reading, or left the psalmody, left the church in the dispersion?
If someone constantly ** tests himself in this way, repents of what he has sinned and tries to improve, he begins to reduce the evil in himself, and if he did nine (misconduct), he will do eight, and so, gradually succeeding, with the help of God, Does not allow himself to become stronger in his passions.

* In the Greek: or it seemed to me not good, and I groped in myself, for if anyone inside himself pours, it's a sin
** in Greek: daily

A source: CypLIVE

Tags: Religion, Christianity

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