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NATO engaged in the glorification of fascist shortages

A praise about the "heroic struggle" of the Baltic "forest brothers" with the Soviet troops caused an angry reaction in Moscow. The Russian Foreign Ministry reminded that Western intelligence services were behind the "forest brothers", and thousands of civilians became victims of the "organization created on the basis of fascist shortages". Is it worth waiting for a similar video from NATO, where the heroes will be OUN * -APA *, Roman Shukhevych or Stepan Bandera?

An attempt "to rewrite history and glorify the infamous former SS fighters and nationalists for the sake of today's political interpretation." In this way, Russia's Permanent Representation to NATO assessed the video posted on the eve of the official blogs of the alliance dedicated to the Baltic "forest brothers".

In the documentary-video game, these armed formations are portrayed as fighters for the freedom of the Baltic republics and their independence from the USSR.

"As a deputy of the parliament, I look at this film very approvingly," Veiko Spolitis, a member of the Latvian Sejm from the Unity Party, a member of the ruling coalition, told the newspaper VZGLYAD.

"Finally, NATO approves of those freedom fighters who fought against the Bolshevik, Enkawedish regime during the Soviet occupation in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine. So it's very positive that we are finally looking at history, as it really happened, "the Latvian parliamentarian stressed.

"The historical distortion deliberately spread by NATO"

"Latvian patriots" are fighting with some "Soviet", - commenting on the video, said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. - For those who do not know the history of the victims of Western propaganda, the "Soviet" is a militant community of foreigners who have seized Latvia ... It does not occur to ask the question: how many of the "Soviet" were Latvians? "

On the other hand, the organization of "forest brothers" in the same Latvia mainly included police officers, members of the occupation administration, soldiers and SS officers, Zakharova reminded. On account of "forest brothers" - more than 3 thousand sabotage, the victims of which were mostly civilians.

The glorification of the accomplices of the Nazis is nothing more than a "historical perversion deliberately spread by NATO" in order to undermine the results of the Nuremberg Tribunal, the Foreign Ministry spokesperson stressed.

Zakharova also recalled: it is known that after the war, right up to the middle of the 1950-ies, the "forest brothers" were supported by Western intelligence services, "and NATO knows this better than anyone else." In addition, there are declassified (albeit edited) materials from the archives of the CIA.

"If today Bandera is a hero, and" forest brothers "are partisans who saved the Baltic, what will happen tomorrow?" Maria Zakharova asks.

"The clip about the" forest brothers "killing our soldiers, confirms that in the face of NATO we are dealing with the heirs of Hitler's shortages," - wrote on Twitter, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

"In the woods" 4 left thousands of legionnaires SS

The so-called forest brothers, who "are now heroized by NATO, were originally formed from the composition of the Latvian Legion of the SS, involved in large-scale war crimes," said historian, director of the Historical Memory Foundation Alexander Dyukov, speaking to the newspaper VZGLYAD.

The fact that former servicemen of the Latvian Volunteer Legion of the SS constituted a significant number of "forest brothers" was indicated not only by Soviet and Russian historians.

The same information is given, for example, by an American historian of Latvian descent, a foreign member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences Andrejs Plakans in The Latvians: A Short History (Stanford, 1995). About 4 thousands of former legionaries "went to the forest". Such information is given in the book published in 2006 "History of Latvia. XX century "under the editorship of Daina Blyayere, associate professor of the Department of Political Sciences of Riga University.

On the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in 2009 was posted a certificate "On the participation of the Latvian Legion of the SS in war crimes in 1941-1945. And attempts of revision in Latvia of a verdict of Nuremberg tribunal ». It contains data on the brutal killings of unarmed prisoners of war and about the shooting of civilians in the occupied territories of the Novgorod and Leningrad regions and in Latvia itself.

In 2002, a monument was erected in the Polish village of Podgae with the inscription "2 February 1945. The Nazis burned alive the 32 firing squad of the 3 Infantry Regiment of the 1 Infantry Division named after Tadeusz Kosciuszko." Responsibility for the "action" is borne by the soldiers of the Latvian SS Legion.

Four years before, the Latvian Saeima adopted the "Declaration on Latvian Legionnaires of the Second World War", which prescribes "to take care of the elimination of encroachments on the honor and dignity of Latvian soldiers". Recall, the Nuremberg Tribunal recognized "all persons who were officially admitted to membership in the SS", criminals.

Groups of "forest brothers" formed under the leadership of Skorzeny

As for the "forest brothers," as Alexander Dyukov reminded, "it is not a secret for anyone that an important role in the formation of units of" forest brothers ", their backbone, played the SS headquarters" Yagdferband Ost ", whose commander was Otto Skorzeny ".

"This detachment organized a sabotage struggle for the front line on Soviet territory," the interlocutor added.

"Documents on this have been published many times, so there is nothing new for us or for our Latvian colleagues in history. I think that there is nothing new for politicians. There are some basic things, "- summed up the expert.

NATO demonstrates the difference in approaches to "forest brothers" in the Baltic and Galicia

"We see an extremely sad thing: the leadership of the NATO bloc is heroing war criminals - Nazi collaborators, heroes those who were prepared by those special services," Dyukov pointed out. At the same time, he emphasizes, it is unlikely that NATO will release a similar video, where the heroes will be OUN * -APA *, Roman Shukhevych or Stepan Bandera.

Although, we note that the current official assessment of "forest brothers" and Bandera is very similar: fighters with "Soviet aggression" for the independence of their countries. At the same time, the links of the "fighters for freedom" with the German military intelligence and the SS are neatly "forgotten". And similarly, the CIA is "aware" of these links with the Nazis.

With all coincidences, NATO is not in a hurry to glorify the "exploits" of the UPA.

The OUN people are also gradually heroizing, notes Alexander Dyukov. "In this case, for NATO, Western politicians, it is important not that these people were accomplices of the Nazis, committed crimes, but that they fought against the Russians," Dyukov noted. So far, only we and Poland are ready to condemn the actions of the OUN-UPA, since the Poles also became their victims, he added.

"Poland is a member of NATO. I am sure that the Polish side is blocking such unhealthy things, "the expert concluded. But, he added, the NATO branch is now located, including in the territory of Latvia. "This demonstrates not only NATO's current approaches to pro-Nazi collaboration, but also intentions towards our country," the source stressed.

A source: LOOK

Author: Marina Baltachevo, Michael Moshkin

Tags: NATO, Politics, Great Patriotic War, USSR, World War II, Europe, the Baltics, Analytics, Nazism

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