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Spite Germany "freeze" Latvia to the Poles was a neighbor of the curve

Ventspils port and two of its terminal - "Noord Natie Ventspils Terminals" and "Eurohome Latvija" - were invited to participate in the construction of mid-level of the gas pipeline "Nord Stream 2", providing storage and supply pipe through the port. This was announced today at a press conference, Chairman of the Board of the Port of Ventspils, Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs.

According to estimates of the Port Authority, as a result of participation in the project, Latvia's economy will get 25 million euros. However, according to Lembergs, against the objections Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"The Foreign Ministry does not want to Latvia took part in the project, as required by the Poles The Poles have their own interests -. They do not want to see Germany getting gas directly from Russia they want in this chain involved and they, and this desire. understandable and commendable, but why Latvia should pay for it? "- Lembergs said.

the port received a proposal stipulates that Ventspils could take the necessary for the construction of gas lines, keep them on their sites and to deliver on the location of the gas pipeline in the sea. Currently, cargo port areas is not sufficient to keep the required number of tubes, so the project investors offerto invest in the port 14 million eurosConstructing additional cargo area 7 hectares area, which will then be transferred to the port.

To the port of Ventspils could participate in the project, you must obtain permission of his reign. As Lembergs said four of the eight members of the Board delegated to the port ministries and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia participated in this project does not approve. Therefore, according to the mayor, all the representatives of the ministries can give a team does not support the project.

"The gas comes from Russia, and its recipient is a member country of NATO, the economic center of the European Union -. Germany I believe that not to support" Nord Stream 2 ", at the same time [in a situation] where Latvia can earn - which means no maintain energy security of Germany, which is contrary to the NATO treaty and the treaty of the European Union ", - said the mayor of Ventspils.

Meanwhile, the government of Latvia:

Participation of Latvia and Ventspils port in the project "Nord Stream 2" ( "Nord Stream") can not be approved in any case, the Minister of Economics of Latvia Arvil Asheradens.

He stressed that the government has decided not to participate in this project in any way.

Asheradens reported that gave clear instructions to the representative of the Ministry of Economy on the board of the Port of Ventspils Sandra Sondore not support the port participating in the project "Nord Stream 2".

Who does not know what it was about:

The 1200-kilometer Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will be laid across the Baltic Sea and will ensure the transportation of natural gas from Russia to customers in Europe. It is assumed that its throughput capacity will amount to 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The Russian concern Gazprom, the Dutch-Dutch group Shell, the Austrian OMV and the German companies Uniper and Wintershall agreed to build Nord Stream 2 in 2015. The gas pipeline will connect Russia and Germany through the Baltic Sea, bypassing Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries. The capacity of the new gas pipeline will be twice as much as "Nord Stream", and its construction is planned to be completed by the end of 2019.

The European Commission has a negative attitude towards this project. In the 2014, the EU countries imported 53% of energy they need. A third of gas to Europe comes from Russia, and some of the Eastern European countries are almost entirely dependent on Moscow. Laying "Nord Stream 2" means that 80% of imports of Russian gas will be focused on the same route, so the European Commission is studying how this projectconsistent with the objectivesEuropean Union Energy.

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