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Not united Europe

Leaders of the European powers did not consider it necessary to conceal their relationship to the "new Europeans".

Against the backdrop of global changes in the world, some European politicians decided to drop all political correctness and start talking directly. So, the leaders of Germany, France, Spain and Italy after the meeting in Versailles officially declared that there is a progressive, true Europe-and there is, therefore, not true. French President François Hollande, after giving up even the fight with Le Pen, declared: "Unity is not a monotony," calling for "new forms of cooperation." "We must accept the fact that some European countries are moving slightly faster than others" - supported by Olland Merkel, adding about the "Europe of two speeds" - the creation within the EU of a group of especially developed countries for which there will be other legislation and "a different level of integration" Europe's peripheral.

"In fact, we are talking about preparations for a full-scale EU reform. As expected, the details will be announced 27 March at the jubilee meeting on the occasion of the 60 anniversary of the creation of the first prototype of the current EU. What this means is that a number of Western nations, including the most "gastarbeiter-capacious" such as Ireland, Germany and Austria, insist on curtailing benefits for Eastern European children working in the West. There is reason to believe that this is only one of dozens of consequences that await Eastern Europe. All this is quite logical: in a situation when the world overtook some irritated, and the "world empire of liberal ideology" is at least postponed - Western Europe is preparing to retreat to the prepared positions. In her case, this is the status of a kind of "power within the EU", with all the privileges of the metropolis before the colonized outskirts,- Comment on the situation, journalists edition of "On Line".

However, the division of the Europeans on true health and has always been, just for propaganda was not clearly visible. But now pop up "interesting" facts - is, refugees in France, eat better products than the citizens of the EU Eastern European countries.

"The Hungarian minister-president Victor Orban said about double standards in European markets. He accused Western European concerns of food that they see Eastern Europe as a platform for food waste, and called for it to fight. And the head of Slovakia, Robert Fico, is outraged that food producers treat their residents as "second-class citizens". At a meeting of EU agrarians on Monday, he called this humiliation. Polish President Beata Shidlo said offendedly that "the EU should have only one level of quality, namely the highest." Scandal, in fact, with Slovakia and began. Local activists compared the products they buy in the border supermarkets on the territory of their country and on the other side of the border, in Austria. It turned out that the products purchased on the Austrian side of the border have a different composition.

According to Welt, laboratory studies of numerous products were conducted not only in Slovakia, but also in neighboring countries. The Ministry of Agriculture of Slovakia found that the same varieties of sausage in Eastern European countries contain less meat and more liquid than those sold in Western EU countries. Nutella for real Europeans contains less palm oil. In bags with tea, less tea and tea leaves are smaller than in the West. In the Czech Republic fish sticks contain less fish, Pepsi is added for sweet syrup, while in Germany pure sugar is used. The countries of the Visegrad Four drafted a joint document, which called the inequality in food standards a "serious problem" for the European Union. The same situation in Bulgaria and Slovenia,- Told reporters yesterday.

In general, the case remains for small, it is to recognize that all these "new Europeans" are considered "old" simply as "sanitary zone" around Russia. Just look at the maps:

The first - a "multi-rate Europe" according to Merkel and Hollande, where the blue - it developed the Europeans, and brown - underdeveloped.

But the second belt of sanitary map of Russia, called "Intermarum project."

The difference is it is only available in the project in Ukraine and Belarus. However, Ukraine and so completely controlled by the West, and even more profitable than the Balts, for example - to feed less and barks stronger. With Belarus too, are working on a long, which inhibits all the time because of the obstinacy Batko and his attempt to sit on two chairs. It also becomes clear and the interest of NATO and the EU to the Balkan countries: Montenegro and Macedonia, are at least a carcass, even stuffed pulled in Western alyansy- belt should be shut down and the south, too.

So what is - Intermarum?

Intermarium (Intermaritime) is at one time a thoroughly forgotten project of the Polish nationalist general, Józef Piłsudski, who, after the First World War, developed a plan for the unification under Warsaw's primacy of countries in the belt between the Baltic and Black Seas (vertically) and Germany and Russia horizontal). Then it was about Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and also in the perspective of Finland and the Baltic countries. The world community at that time was very reserved about the Polish initiative, and the final collapse of the idea of ​​"Great Poland from the sea to the sea" came 1 September 1939. It can not be said that the idea is utopian. The temporary geopolitical success of the West in Ukraine, the admission of a number of Balkan states to NATO, the promising attempts to "seduce" membership in the alliance Sweden, Finland, and Moldova are still working with varying degrees of success on the idea of ​​a project whose reincarnation can take many forms. Material anchors of the "Inter-sea" are NATO military bases along Russia's eastern borders, units of multinational forces and operations involving partners, elements of the US strategic missile defense system in Romania and Poland, an annual series of military exercises of the alliance in Eastern Europe and the Baltic with an obvious anti-Russian orientation. The modern "Interworld" is a geographic belt of states that, due to various kinds of information manipulation, will be set against Russia. For the formation of the power base of the "Inter-sea" it is important to improve the combat capabilities of the multinational NATO Corps "North-East" with its headquarters in the Polish city of Szczecin, to which 60 thousand servicemen from 15 states are attributed. At the summit, it is planned to announce the expansion of the number of participants to 20 countries, and the number of staff staff will double to 400 people.

International public opinion is being prepared for the implementation of the project. In November 2010 in Vilnius (Lithuania) an international scientific conference "New Region of Europe: Paradigms of Regional Development in the Baltic-Black Sea Region" was held, where representatives of academic circles, politicians, journalists, experts from Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine , Hungary and other EU countries discussed the existence of a common regional space - the Baltic-Black Sea Inter-sea. The new president of Poland, Andrzej Duda, spoke in favor of reviving the confederation project. He noted the important role in this project of Ukraine, whose participation will create a watershed between Asia and Europe, and also form a new regional counterweight and a concentrator of forces,- He writes about the project director of the Information Center for International Security Affairs from 2005- on 2016 g, head of the Office for the Coordination of international projects and programs Alexandr Bartos.

It is understood that because of the recent political upheavals plans European globalists are changing, but the German tanks on the border of Russia and a different attitude to the EU to the nationalists, which are ready to tear Le Pen and applaud a torchlight procession in Kiev and Tallinn, and the division of Europe into owners and watchdogs say a lot. And about the fact that dogs are fed worse than owners, as a hungry dog ​​is always meaner. Example Ukrainians could not inspire Hollande and Merkel cuts diet Balts and Poles.

A source: RIA Katyusha

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