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Heavenly Anchor

We live in an era of great confusion, confusion and chaos. And also tremendous spiritual poverty. Our era is prophetic and eschatological. The saints said that the time will come when people become so confused and distraught that they will call the light darkness. And vice versa: darkness will be called light. There will be no understanding in people, and literally everyone will go crazy and, after seeing a normal person, they will say: "Look at this crazy man!"

It is in this era that we live. And it is not at all pride to say that we, believers, although we are not some enlightened or God-seated people, although we are not spiritually healthy and sinless, however we go to this and at least see where the true light comes from. As we once sang a song in Sunday school, which said: "The light that came from Bethlehem shone on Calvary, and in the Holy Sepulcher, and on the Day of the Ascension, and since then the Church has been with this blessed light."

It's good to be aware of the time at which we live and in what spaces our mind is enlightened.

Our era opens before us a huge hodgepodge of thousands of heresies, paracerical and religious entities, all kinds of occult movements. And all these paths lead to the killing of the soul. Drugs are not just about taking young men in the form of injections or tablets. For the soul, too, there are drugs that turn people into beings who do not know what is happening to them.

We truly live in an era of hallucinations. Take the remote and turn on the TV. Switch channels and see that everywhere and without end the most diverse opinions are heard, full of eartaches - one of you is dipped into another, one news is hurrying after another, for joy is sorrow. The eerie picture is replaced by some pleasant and distracting news. As a result, the mind of a person is disoriented. It's as if someone started caressing you and suddenly slapped a slap in the face. And then again it is accepted to caress, and you do not understand what is happening ...

Our era is very contradictory. Prophecies about the fact that someday people will call the light darkness and vice versa, refer specifically to the present time. But among this chaos we have an anchor. This anchor is in the sky, and while the usual anchors go to the bottom, our ascends to the throne of God and attaches us. And we already know what to rely on, what to turn to, what to believe and how to look at life. What kind of eyes to look at what is happening.

Imagine, for example, that you are traveling in a car or sitting at home, and you are listening to the radio. But are you the only ones who hear it? No, and others too - in their cars, shops, etc. With the vast number of radio stations available, you choose one, ecclesiastical. And this choice indicates that your mind is moving in the right direction. You know where to look and where to find it.

We, Christians, rejoice not because we are good children. We are happy because we have a good Father

The fact that we know the direction is the great blessing of God in our lives. Although we are sinful, but there is such a space with purity that revives us. Although we are bad people and children, but we have a Father. And our joy is not because we are good children, no, it would be pharisaism, hypocrisy. We are happy because we have a good Father, and not because we are good children.

In the midst of a worldly storm raging around a ship in great danger and about to drown, everyone is rushing about in panic, and only one child is playing on the deck. They say to him:

"Run faster, we are in great danger, the waves are about to devour us!"

And he said:

"I'm not afraid, my father is the captain of this ship, and our ship has been in various storms." I'm not afraid, because my father is an experienced captain.

This confidence, this warmth, this feeling that our soul is comforted by the closeness of God, is the greatest blessing. Let us glorify and thank God for this!

I see in the news how two people begin to analyze some problem. They say, they say and do not come to anything. And then they start to swear. And this is in every issue of the evening news! I do not know if you were annoyed with this, because it damages our mind, our heart, and the nervous system. They are sick and make us sick.

Although, however, I do not know if they really are ill for this, because they do their work, show themselves on the screen, but they hardly suffer because of what they are talking about. The proof is that they conduct their analytical program, and then they, the same persons, are shown in other programs, where they are already dancing, having fun and amusing themselves. But you can not: talk about the war in 8, describe murders, puddles of blood, destruction, and in a couple of hours act in a different program, have fun ... I want to say that these events have not touched them. Because if yes, they would not be so cheerful.

This is a contradiction and a bifurcation - when two people can not agree on anything, and on top of everything they connect the people from another studio, and the situation becomes even more aggravated ... And in any controversial issue that arises, this is the case. It is impossible to come to any end. Swear, because everyone wants to put their opinions above others, show themselves and impress the audience.

And if you can describe this picture in one word, then this is a colossal egoism that is characteristic of everyone. Huge arrogance, they say, I know everything better than the other. And from here come hostility, hatred for each other.

We have lost the common system of coordinates, we do not have a universal mind, an opinion that would enlighten us. There is no longer a God-minded mind that enlightens us, and what happens in the Holy Scriptures is: God has betrayed us to the perverted mind (see: Rom. 1: 24). A mind that can not penetrate the essence and distinguish good from evil.

In the mind of today's person there is no enlightenment so that he could choose the right one for himself. Therefore, most people, as St. Porphyry says, are intricate souls. Unhappy and tormented in life people! They do not know what they want, where to go. But at the same time they think they know everything. They say in a categorical tone, but in reality they do not know anything.

If I could, I would like to ask these basic, central figures, regulating and setting the tone on a global scale (or in Greece, or on some TV channel), to ask them one simple question. Let them one day show up on their channel and answer the following question: what kind of person do you want to create and form? Describe it to me or show in the photo, I do not know how yet ... What is the pattern, what ideal? That you said: "My dream is to create through my policy such and such a person." How do you want to form me with your channel, your programs?

The church shows where it wants to lead: it wants to make you a saint, a man of God

Look, for example, about the Church, I can say how she looks at this or that question. When you enter the temple, it shows you inside the icon. You put a candle, and your mind immediately ascends to the light. Then you apply to the icon. You kiss it and say that today is the holiday of such a saint, you kiss the icons of the Lord and the Mother of God ... You look at the dome, everything smells of incense. The church speaks and shows you where it wants to lead you, how it wants to shape you - as a saint. This is the standard for the Church - it wants to make you holy, God's man.

And you, my dear country, you, my dear television or magazine, pouring information on me from everywhere and constantly and every day giving me food for mind in an incredible amount and with incredible frequency - from Monday to Sunday. You literally bombard me with it. Where are you taking me?

You go to church, if you want, and television insidiously captures you in captivity in your own home. Begin with one, and reach ...

Someone will say: "Turn off the TV, you yourself choose." Yes, well, I choose, but only I do not choose abomination and dirt. I did not turn on the TV with the thought: how would I see it. But only there everything is intertwined with images, ideas, which then feed my imagination and imagination. You give me food for thought, it depends on you how I'll sleep tonight. You're twisting my mind somewhere.

I obey and just ask you to understand and so that we remain friends: tell me, where do you want to get me, what kind of person do you want to do in the long run? Can anybody tell me this? When we watch TV, read press reports, what is their ideal? "Let one of them say."

Dear ones, I believe that if we think about these things, we will come to very disturbing conclusions and results. However, most people avoid these questions.

St. John of the Ladder calls this prudence [1]. The devil is not so afraid of anything as prudence. Let our mind lay it all on the table and analyze it, look a little deeper: and where does this and that lead? Where will this story end?

One child for a long time did not teach lessons, and I told him:

"Sit a little, so I'll explain to you what this story will bring to you, which you started." Now November - you do not learn anything, it's December - you again do not teach and you rejoice. But that's because you have not seen the results yet. Now you are happy, but you do not understand that all this will have consequences, and something awaits you. Now you do not teach, and nothing in your life has changed much: you do not even understand that the problem exists. And I want you to be transferred from November to June. You will say: "How do I know what will happen in June?" And I will remind you that exams are approaching, and this relaxation that has gripped you, this your laziness ... at some point you will pay for them, for your inaction. Not because someone has started to take revenge on you, it will be your own "I". Because now you leave your mind in idleness, do not read, and when the time of exams comes, you will be unprepared. You will have poor results and you will fail.

When I said this, sadness appeared on his child's face, and grief, and he answers me:

"Please leave me alone." Do not tell me such unpleasant things. I'm so good at living!

But how do you feel good? In his ignorance, ignorance? In his indifference and lies?

This is a huge mistake that we make: we do not seriously think about reality

This is a huge mistake that we make. A huge miscalculation in our lives. We do not seriously think about reality. And this is not necessary so that we go busted, but that we feel the sorrow for God leading to repentance, and we could change. Then you will not go all the time sad, your life will change, and you will always be in joy. Your mind will taste food and you will wake up.

One child said to me somehow:

"Before I knew you, I was perfectly happy." And since I met you, I feel completely unhappy!

I asked him:

- Are you serious ?! But why, my child? Tell me to confess it, because if it is so, then it's my sin.

- When I did not know you, I was calm. He lived his life: he went where he wanted, ate what he wanted, spoke with whom he wanted, I had my night life, some connections and entertainment - what you call sins. And I lived quite pleasantly. And when I met you and you told me something, I started having nightmares, now I'm dreaming and thinking that I will be judged. I say to myself: "God will punish me now." I think of heaven and hell. You completely confused me and confused me!

"Look, the fact that someone comes and puts good anxiety in your mind is good, because you must have it." It's not bad.

Anarchists wrote on the walls: "Happiness is the ignorance of one's own misfortune." You think that you are happy, because you do not know how unhappy you are, in fact. You live in a world of some deceptive feelings. And so the church man came - one conversation, one broadcast, one book, one thought - all this God can send you out of nothing and literally "put water in the font", make you wake up. And then you say to yourself: "Oh, how can I live!" Awake and see your mistake. Then a dilemma arises before you: will I do anything to correct my mistake, or will I continue to live in the old way?

And since you have moved far away from the quarter where God and the Church live, and went the other way, on which you got lost among all alleys, then at some point you say to yourself: "Well, how can I find the way back?" And if you passed just a couple of the wrong streets, then you remember some notable place, a landmark and on it you come back, but when you are lost seriously, then you do not know how to return to you. And you say to yourself: "As I have already reached here, nothing can save me. After all, I have changed so not 5 months and not 5 days, I have been living 5 for so many years ... How can I now return to where I started? Eh, whatever happens, I will not do anything. "

Who now thinks about such things? But only the "month of June" will come for each of us individually - the month of exams, when a person with an open face sees everything as is, will come into direct contact with the reality of God, and not with anything else, as some say. All those who now seem so smart. Those who form the human consciousness - and they too will kneel before God and the Truth, and no one will look around again in the hope of getting help from someone, but we will all look directly at God. It is truth.

You just came to me, and I lightly awoke you from a deep sleep. You live in a lie, and it's hard for you to change. And a lot needs to be changed. Here, in my quarter, when there was an earthquake in 1999 year, there was one brand new wonderful private house, private. But only he had problems with the foundation. And when there was an earthquake, this house became worthless.

And then one day I saw its owner, he stood in the street and lamented, and I felt sorry for him. I felt what he felt and felt compassion. What a pity for a man, it's really tragic. If I were in his place, I would also lament and suffer because of the fact that what I've been building for so many years now has to be broken. Such a beautiful house, two-story, with beautiful balconies, flowers and a dog at the entrance ... And now all this has to be demolished!

Gradually realizing this, he himself broke down. He simply sank into grief. He had to either accept the expert's conclusion and take down everything, or stay there, waiting for all this to fall upon you. To cry, watching how they break everything that he built on the wrong grounds ... Will I survive this process? This means that I must endure great pain and anguish, but then I will see the hope shining in front. And in 2 years on this place I will have a new house.

It is necessary to understand that it is not I who put such a question before you - it is already worth somehow. But so you will have a new home!

A source: Pravoslavie.Ru

Author: Archimandrite Andrew (Conanos)

Tags: Religion, Christianity

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