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The week begins with the heat. Tomorrow in Cyprus will again introduce a yellow level of danger

The Meteorological Service of Cyprus announced that tomorrow the yellow level of the weather hazard is being reintroduced on the island.

The regime of increased danger will last from 11 to 16 hours of Monday, 31 July. The reason was the high air temperature, which can reach a mark of + 40 ° C.

A clear sky is expected on Monday and a moderate wind will blow.

In the central regions of Cyprus, + 40 ° C is expected.

In the mountains, the air will warm up to + 31 ° C.

On the western and northern coasts of Cyprus, the temperature will rise to 33 ° C.

In the south, the southern and eastern coasts are + 35 ° C and + 37 ° C, respectively.

A source: CypLIVE

Author: Andreas Manokulyus

Tags: Cyprus, Weather, Heat

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