Today: February 20 2019
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Oil refinery worries the mayor of Larnaca

Oil refinery worries the mayor of Larnaca

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Mayor of Larnaca Andreas Vuras on Friday wrote to the President of Cyprus with a request to resolve the issue of moving the refinery. So far, the matter is limited to the appointment of memoranda, and the mayor is not satisfied with the actual inaction of the authorities.

The mayor of Larnaca sent an official request in writing to Nikos Anastasiadis. The subject of the letter was the dismantling and relocation of the oil refinery, which ceased to operate several years ago, reports Reporter. At 22 May, an official notification of the residents of Larnaka and especially Livadia about the fate of the plant is planned, but no concrete decisions have been made so far.

Mayor Vuras noted that the Minister of Energy and Industry repeatedly sent memorandums for consideration, but all of them differed from each other, and none was approved. Mr. Wuras asks the president to solve the problem as soon as possible and more effectively.

The relocation of the oil plant is associated with serious difficulties. First of all, it is concern for the environment. The plant is located in close proximity to the beaches of Livadia (Larnaka area) and after dismantling can cause contamination of water and adjacent territories with oil waste.

Residents are also worried about the asbestos warehouse, which is located on the territory of the plant. Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance for a person, which, when it enters the lungs, settles in them and is not excreted throughout life. To utilize asbestos, you need special equipment and trained people.

Irina Zhmaeva
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