Today: March 25 2019
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Lack of membership. Gentlemen from the IOC are fleeing the Olympics. What is going on?

Lack of membership. Gentlemen from the IOC are fleeing the Olympics. What is going on?

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For the first time in the history of the Games, the IOC meeting may not take place. The members of the organization leave Pyeongchang under strange pretexts. What does it mean?

The Olympics-2018 in Pyeongchang is getting more and more scandalous - the list of roofing news is growing every day. It got to the point where it became known today: for the first time in the history of the Olympic movement, the planned IOC meeting may not take place. Cause? Absence of quorum.

Week to collapse

On 25 February in South Korea is scheduled to hold the next, 132-th session of the IOC. According to the charter of the organization, in order for the session to be recognized as legitimate, at least half of the IOC members plus one person must participate in the meeting. For today in the International Olympic Committee there are 100 members. By simple mathematical calculations, we come to the conclusion that participation in the regular session should be at least 51 people.

According to Inside the Games, the IOC leadership expresses serious concerns that the meeting may fail due to a shortage of participants. In the history of the organization, there has never been a case of cancellation of the official and scheduled session due to the lack of the required number of participants. Now you understand that this is not an ordinary event, but a unique situation that can have serious consequences. What kind? About this just below. But if in the morning 25 February, before the closing ceremony of the Olympics, IOC members will not gather in the required composition, believe me, it will be a failure.

Where did all these IOC members go?

The situation resembles a school or university, where lessons and couples were canceled because most of the pupils could not attend the meetings because of the illness. But the problem is that the IOC is an organization of global importance, which, however, does not prevent its members from banally leaving the venue of the Olympic Games. What motivates them to flee South Korea? The reasons are very different.

For example, a British IOC employee, Adam Pengilli, was expelled from the Olympics for having beaten and cursed a Korean volunteer. The Irishman Patrick Hickey and the Namibian Frankie Frederiks were also suspended from participating in the organization's activities. Our Elena Isinabaeva recently gave birth to a second child and also can not be present in Pyeongchang. Taets Nat Indrapana and Emir Qatar missed the first part of the executive committee, which took place earlier this month and will not be able to appear at the meeting and next week. One of the main "friends" of Russia Canadian Richard Pound has officially announced that he is not interested in attending this event and has booked tickets from South Korea 22 February. Pound even vouchsafed to write a farewell note as a man who worked for a long time in the organization.

Even more amusing situation with the IOC member from North Korea. Chang Ung also left Pyeongchang, because he felt signs of a cold. The Western press, however, concluded that his departure was not accidental. This week, a new conflict broke out between North Korea and the United States, so the Ung act could be viewed as a protest against the entire Western world. Can I trust the Western press? Solve yourself. It is more important here that the Korean will not participate in the IOC session in any case.

What should they decide and what will be the consequences?

In general, at such meetings, a variety of, but necessarily topical issues are discussed. One of the topics on the agenda of the 132 session of the IOC was to elect two new members to the commission from the athletes. Two people apply for six places - sleighman Armin Zoegeller from Italy, skiers Astrid Jacobsen and Kiken Randall from Norway and the USA respectively, Spanish skeletonist Ander Mirabel, hockey player Emma Terho from Finland and chop Chang Hong from China. It is reported that if the IOC session fails, the voting can take place by mail. No, not by e, but by the most ordinary! Well, that's not a pigeon. The last time it was when they chose the venue for the 1936 Olympiad. Once again - 1936 years.

But this is rather a funny fact. More importantly, the disruption of the official meeting of the IOC can further discredit itself in the eyes of the world community. If you call things by their own names, then the members of the organization are frankly hammered into the session and leave South Korea without worrying about the consequences. At least, all this looks exactly like that. A few days before the session, there should also be a meeting of the IOC Board of Directors, where it will be decided whether the flag and anthem will be returned to Russia at the closing ceremony or not. There should be 8 of 15 members, but even here there is no certainty that this number will be typed. IOC still refuses to comment on this topic.

Alexander Govorov
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