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Germans prefer to holiday in Greece

Despite the problems of refugees, the economic crisis and political instability, German tourists and this year again prefer Greece.

According to a study based on the data of travel agencies, this year the number of tourists from Germany increased by 32%. The most popular destinations among tourists - the island of Kos, Rhodes and Crete, as well as Athens.

annual international tourism exhibition held in these days in Berlin. The Greek delegation, which represents the country in Berlin, headed by the head of the regions of mainland Greece Kostas Bakoyannis.

In his interview to «Star», he said that despite the negative forecasts and worsening the migration crisis, tour operators evidence to the contrary - the number of those wishing to spend a holiday in Greece is growing.

Statistics show a steady growth, but it is worth noting that of Lesbos, who suffered the most because of the refugees, it is not particularly popular.

However, experts make optimistic conclusions: in 2017, the number of tourists from Germany will be more than 2016 year.

A source: newsbomb

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