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German media accused Russia of threatening financial crisis due to the preparation of an exit from SWIFT

German media accused Russia of threatening financial crisis due to the preparation of an exit from SWIFT

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German edition Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten accused Russia of trying to destabilize the banking and economic sector of the western economy by threatening to exit the SWIFT system. That is, accused of what the West threatened Russia from 2014 year.

The reason for the accusation and reasoning, what SWIFT will be without Russia, was the words of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who said that Russian banks and financial institutions are preparing to withdraw from the SWIFT system. According to the German newspaper, it was apparently inspired by the threat posed by cyberattacks, although Dvorkovich's quotes do not mention cyber threats, but there is an indication that the West has repeatedly threatened to turn off Russia from SWIFT.

"Of course, this is unpleasant, because it will be a stumbling block for businesses and banks and lead to difficulties in the work. But it is inevitable, some old technology for information transfer and calculation to use. However, technically and psychologically the enterprises are ready for the transition, because this threat (cyberattack) has been repeatedly brought to the point. In general, Russia's separation from the SWIFT system will be a crazy step from the point of view of our Western partners. Obviously, this would be harmful to companies that work in Europe and the US ", The Germans quote the words of Dvorkovich.

No, the truth is in the words of the Germans is, as it became known 19 December, as a result of the December attack on one of the Russian banks using the SWIFT system, hackers managed to steal 339,5 million rubles. This is reported in the "Survey of unauthorized transfers of funds for 2017 year", prepared by the Center for Monitoring and Responding to Computer Attacks in the Credit and Financial Sphere (FinCERT) of the Central Bank of Russia. "The Bank of Russia sent information about one successful attack on the workplace of the operator of the SWIFT system. The volume of unauthorized operations as a result of this attack amounted to 339,5 million rubles ", the document says.

However, despite the attack of hackers, the main reason for preparing the way out of this system was the threat voiced by all Western leaders of us from there to drive out and stop the work of the banking system, from the very word. Just remember, 19 September 2014, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling on the countries of the European Union to consider the possibility to exclude Russia from the system of worldwide interbank telecommunications SWIFT. 26 January, 2015, this was called for by US President Barack Obama. "We will continue to apply the same approach as before: increase pressure on Russia to support Ukraine's ability to control its own territory", - Obama quoted Bloomberg. At the same time, in January of the year 2015 the heads of the foreign ministries of the European Union countries discussed the possibility of disconnecting Russia from this international system of payments. The last time we "turned off" in August 2017 year.

And suddenly, when our already generally reconciled and after 4 years somehow prepared to leave the interbank system of transfers and even hinted at a self-exclusion, from that side they start shouting: How dare you, you undermine our economic stability! How could you - it's a disaster!

"Last year, the head of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina stated that all the necessary measures have been created for further exchange of credit and payment systems and the functioning of payment systems and banks in the event of a country's disconnection from SWIFT. According to the Central Bank, 90% of ATMs in Russia were prepared in order to adopt a new payment system, which was introduced in 2015, after the clients of a number of Russian banks (SMP Bank, InvestCapitalBank, Bank of Russia and Sobinbank) for sanctions Visa and MasterCard.

The head of the department of capital market analysis of the bank Baader Bank Robert Halver, commenting on the words of Dvorkovich, writes that "Russia's exit from the SWIFT system" is dangerous. According to him, the rejection of SWIFT can lead to the country's "playing only the role of an extras on the international banking scene." "In the global banking sector, the exit from SWIFT will entail the same collateral damage as the withdrawal of the British from the EU." Americans and Russians should strengthen dialogue, Halver believes. "Western sanctions, including in the banking sector, lead to counter-sentiments, and not to the solution of geopolitical conflicts. Actually, 50 years of the Cold War should have taught this. How can such a problem be solved with such a hostile attitude as Syria? ... If Russia dies off the banking-economic "blood supply," it will be a disaster. The US and Russia should not love each other, but you can in fact conclude a situational alliance - for the sake of a good world ", - writes Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten.

Evon it's like, we've been shouting for four years - out of here, bad, we'll tear you apart, and now the catastrophe - the vile Russians, deciding to leave, almost banking Brektsit started, their economic stability is undermined. Four years they shouted - we can not see you here and arrange a hysterics that we were going to leave - it's phenomenal. No, the fact that Russia is to blame for everything is understandable for a long time, but friends, accuse us of thinking about fulfilling the demands of the European Union and Obama are an open form of schizophrenia. Thus, in general, Russia can be accused of anything - in that it did not save from the extermination of the Indians in North America, for example.

And this option is no less idiotic than the current claims on SWIFT.

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