Today: December 14 2018
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German media have demanded to strengthen tough criticism of the Ukrainian authorities

German media have demanded to strengthen tough criticism of the Ukrainian authorities

Tags: Ukraine, Politics, Reforms, EU, Germany, media

If Ukraine does not begin to fulfill their promises, Europe will have to lift the sanctions against Russia, losing face, write German media.

"Ukraine does not do anything to her European friends could help her. How can you be so tactless, to offer to take his country into the European Union, instead of leaving his British series, as it was made chairman of the international affairs committee of the Ukrainian parliament ?! "- asks the author of an article in Handelsblatt.

The publication points out that the German authorities should intensify tough criticism of the Ukrainian authorities, because "their promises to implement reforms Kiev still do not perform," RIA "Novosti".

In addition, failure to amend the country's constitution on decentralization hinder all parties to fulfill their obligations under the Minsk agreements.

"Poroshenko and Groisman's high time to act. Patience is not limitless in Europe, and sooner or later the EU will refuse to renew the anti-Russian sanctions. Ukraine, of course, expect from the EU guarantee that in the future will be integrated into its ranks. But the way to Europe for Ukrainians still have to pass on their own ", - emphasized in the article.

In this case, Handelsblatt writes that Brussels and Kyiv have made mistakes. On the one hand, "the EU should help Ukraine more active", and on the other, "Ukraine must act in accordance with these guidelines it." From the point of view of the author, it is a prerequisite for the provision of Kiev explicit guarantees of future integration.

"But otherwise, Europe will have to abandon the sanctions, losing face" - sums up edition.

Recall, recently reported that the extension of the sanctions hinder France and Italy.

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