Today: March 24 2019
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Unexpectedly: In the West began to recognize the blame for the US for the death of Boeing MH17 in the Donbass

Unexpectedly: In the West began to recognize the blame for the US for the death of Boeing MH17 in the Donbass

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In early September this year in Europe will be the book of the famous Dutch political scientist, chairman of the public organization "Committee vigilance against the resurgent fascism" Kiss van der Peel called "Shot. Flight MN-17, Ukraine and the new cold war. "

The book will be published in German by the Cologne publishing house Papi-Rossa. On the Internet, a blog Der Abschuss Flug MH17, containing information about the publication, links to used sources and a link for feedback.

In the book the author reveals the main causes of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing and brings the reader to the conclusion that the responsibility for the death of the crew and passengers of the MN-17 flight is not Russia, but the West.

According to Kees van der Peel, benefit from the tragedy of the plane and received only the United States received after the sanctions. He notes that Washington and previously sought to introduce restrictive measures against Moscow with the aim of undermining the Russian gas industry and to avoid strengthening the role of Russia in the international arena.

One of the evidences of this is the events of 16 July 2014, that is, one day before the collapse of the Boeing. On this day, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa signed an agreement on the establishment of the BRICS Bank, which Washington viewed as a competitor of the IMF and the World Bank, and V.Putin and A. Merkel agreed on a new concept for resolving the Ukrainian crisis without US participation. This could not but arouse the displeasure and irritation of the United States.

In addition, after the collapse of the Boeing, the task was set to create a springboard for the activation of American gas companies' activities in the European space and forcing Russia out of the EU market. Moscow was forced to abandon the construction of the "South Stream", and relations with the official Kiev, which as a result turned out to be a bargaining chip in the dirty games of the West, finally deteriorated.

Kis van der Peel tried to explain all these nuances in detail in his book, which is intended to induce the reader to make an independent conclusion about who is guilty of the crash of MH-17 flight. Despite the fact that the author refrains from far-reaching conclusions and judgments as to who could benefit from the plane crash, who could initiate it and commit it, the responsibility of the West for the death of people with the reading of the book becomes obvious ...

Александр Чернов
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