Today: December 15 2018
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Turkish Cypriot intransigence prevents the settlement process

Turkish Cypriot intransigence prevents the settlement process

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Attempts to resume negotiations on a Cyprus settlement have stalled because of the position of the Turkish Cypriots.

This was stated by President of the Republic of Cyprus, the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis after a series of meetings, which held in Nicosia in the past three days, a special adviser to UN Secretary-General on Cyprus, Alexander Downer. He talked with the leaders of the island divided communities and their personal representatives on the Cyprus problem.

According Anastasiadis, the blame for the unfolding situation lies on the Turkish Cypriot side, whose intransigence makes it impossible to work out a joint statement on the parameters of the settlement, the adoption of which would pave the way for the resumption of the negotiating process, which was suspended in May 2012 year.

"The next few days will be decisive for the position of the Greek Cypriots, which will depend on the behavior of the Turkish Cypriots - the president said. - Unfortunately, the signals from the Turkish side is not encouraging." He stressed that the parties can not agree on the basic principles of the reunification of Cyprus. The President explained that the Turkish Cypriots seek to solve the problem based on the recognition of two separate states or a confederation of two sovereign states.

The personal representative of the Turkish Cypriot leader, Osman Ertug, informed Downer that his side rejected the proposals of Anastasiadis on the substance of the joint declaration, the development of which began in September. Adoption of such a document the leader of the Greek Cypriots made the condition for the resumption of negotiations. Its main point is that the parties must confirm the principles of the Cyprus settlement, fixed in the resolutions of the UN Security Council. They assume that the united Cyprus must have a single sovereignty, a single international personality and one citizenship.

Anastasiadis, who tonight is sent on an official visit to Egypt, said that after his return, he will bring the National Council - the main advisory body on the Cyprus problem under the President, consisting of leaders of all political parties to take further steps in the process for a Cyprus settlement.

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