Today: March 22 2019
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Netanyahu responded to Erdogan's accusation of carrying out a policy of terror

Netanyahu responded to Erdogan's accusation of carrying out a policy of terror

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again reminded Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan that he should not read moral teachings.

Earlier, Turkish and Israeli leaders exchanged a number of charges. Thus, Erdogan publicly called the actions of the Israelis "an inhuman attack." Netanyahu rejected accusations, saying that "the most moral army in the world does not need lectures on morality from someone who randomly bombards the civilian population for many years." After that, Erdogan condemned Netanyahu for saying about the crimes of the Turkish military against the civilian population and accused Tel Aviv of pursuing a policy of terror.

"Erdogan is not used to the answer, he should get used to it." It's not for someone who occupies Northern Cyprus, invades the Kurdish region and destroys the civilian population in Africa, to read moral teachings about moral values, "says Netanyahu's Russian-language account. Facebook.

On Friday, along the border of the Gaza Strip and Israel, a series of mass anti-Israeli speeches was launched under the general title "A Great March of Return". The initiators plan to continue them until mid-May. Against the most aggressive participants of the action, the Israelis use firearms.

Cyprus is de facto divided since 1974. This happened after the military invasion of Turkey, which was a response to an attempted coup d'état on the island with the participation of the Greek military. Then the Turkish armed forces occupied 37% of the country's territory. In 1983, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was proclaimed in the occupied territories, which was recognized only by Ankara. Negotiations on the reunification of Cyprus resumed in February 2014 year after a two-year hiatus.

Turkish General Staff 20 January announced the beginning of the operation "Olive Branch" against the formation of Kurds in Africa. Simultaneously with Turkey, there are militants of the "Syrian Free Army" (SSA). 18 March Erdogan announced the transfer of Afrin under the control of the Turkish army and SSA. Damascus strongly condemned the actions of Ankara in Africa, noting that this territory is an integral part of Syria.

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