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20.03.2017 - 22: 53

Netanyahu has become Putin's "test"

Confronting Israeli "Bolsheviks" with the Iranian mullahs.

The incident in March 17, when the Israeli Air Force attacked several targets in Syria and were fired anti-aircraft missiles, caused an increased interest on the part of experts. Minister of Transport and intelligence Israel Yisrael Katz said that the purpose of the Air Force strike in Syria was a convoy that was carrying a shipment of arms to the Lebanese Shiite movement "Hezbollah", fighting in Syria against LIH (organization, whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation). In Damascus also insisted that the Israelis bombed the Syrian army facilities in the Palmyra area, and they say that gunners managed to shoot down the aircraft, participated in the raid, but in Tel Aviv denied loss.

Usually, the Israeli military does not comment on military strikes against targets in Syria. But this time, followed by a statement by Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman against Damascus in which he threatened to destroy Syria's air defense batteries if they are used against the Air Force of the Jewish state. In his words, "there can be no compromise on this issue." Just note that this is not the first incident provoked by Israel against Syria. Only in the year 2016 Israeli forces caused about 20 attacks on targets of the Syrian army and "Hezbollah". Earlier the Israeli Air Force attacked a suburb of Damascus, however, of Lebanese airspace without entering the airspace of Syria. As well as now and then Israel's explanation yesterday "white thread", as indicated publicly they look very convincing reasons. "Hezbollah" is hardly ready and willing to any armed action against Israel from Syrian territory.

But there are reasons for non-public. Israel is well aware that the Russian VKS operate on Syrian soil. So show some scenes created international intrigue: Israel, like Turkey, strikes on the territory of neighboring independent state on military structures, which is considered a terrorist. This is the first. Second. Recently in Moscow has visited the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. After that, there were reports in some Middle East media that the alleged "in the framework of strategic partnership Netanyahu concluded a tacit agreement with Russia, allowing the Israeli Air Force from time to time to cause air strikes on the positions of the" terrorists "in Syria" and "Russia will remain silent that can mean such Israeli air strikes agreed with Moscow. " And reported that Netanyahu expressed Russian President Vladimir Putin anxiety "the prospect of Iranian military near the Golan Heights," that "Iran's permanent military presence in Syria is contrary to the interests of the countries in the region, it hurt to reach an amicable settlement." Israel's actions in this case were exhibited as a warning to Iran. Earlier, during his visit to Moscow, the Israeli prime minister in September 2015, the parties reached an agreement according to which Tel Aviv each time putting Russia on notice when his Air Force intend to carry out the operation in the Syrian airspace. It follows from this conclusion: March 17 incident was a "test" of Moscow. It did not happen. As reported by the Russian Foreign Ministry, the new Israeli ambassador to Moscow, Harry Koren was summoned to Smolensk Square, where Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov discussed with Israeli plenipotentiary representative of the incident.

In addition, Iran's Foreign Ministry called on the UN to condemn the actions of the Israeli Air Force in Syria, accusing Tel Aviv in the interest of strengthening terrorism. As the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Minister Bahram Ghasemi said, "We urge the United Nations to condemn this apparent aggression and to exert every effort to prevent the recurrence of such acts of provocation that threaten security." Do Heard this appeal to the UN, it is hard to say. However, violent incidents provoked by Israel in Syria, and reveal some of the features of the situation emerging in the Middle East. Apparently, Israel can not in any way used to factor not only appearance, but also the strengthening of Russian influence in the Middle East, where until recently dominated by the US. Then Tel Aviv, along with Washington, participated in the development and practical implementation of certain geopolitical projects in the region, in particular with regard to updating the Kurdish problem. At the same time, except when the traditional enemies of Israel - "Hezbollah" and Hamas - in the region appeared LIH (organization, whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation), and then the "Six" signed with Tehran nuclear agreement, the situation in the region has changed radically. Attempts by Israel, which is in any case in the position of power "between the" block this process by Washington and Moscow did not lead to success. Objectively, the situation is brought to the fact that the threat from LIH (organization, whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation), the factor of "Hezbollah" in Syria and strengthening there influence of Iran, "opportunist" policy of Turkey, became in the eyes of Israeli politicians to merge into a single common threat. With the presidency of Barack Obama Tel Aviv began to gravitate toward Russia.

As previously commentedA REGNUMAnd now it has openly stated in an interview with the Azerbaijani portal Haqqin.az Israeli editor leading US publications on ForumDaily Russian, journalist and expert Shimon Briman, "a paradoxical situation: thanks to an alliance with Russia, Israel on the issue of Syria, became the unwitting ally of their sworn enemies - Iran and "Hezbollah". This combination of Israeli politicians could not dream even in the dreadful political dream. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the position of the new US administration's nuclear deal with Iran are unclear, although the European Union supports the agreement. But Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman, saying that "the main enemy of the moderate Arab countries is not Israel, but Iran," now offers Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab countries to create a military alliance, NATO for example. As for Iran, it is, according to international experts, adhere to the conditions contained in 2015, the nuclear deal, despite the harsh rhetoric of the new American president. In general, we can not exclude the fact that Trump will return to the policy of his predecessor, Obama will continue to try to conclude with Tehran another deal.

If we recall that in May in Iran presidential election must be held that the incumbent President Rouhani is going for a second term, the Israeli desire to drive a wedge between Russia and Iran becomes particularly evident on the Syrian track. Even if in the future Tel Aviv will have to negotiate with Tehran, he would prefer to do it with the mediation of the USA's efforts in alliance with some of the Arab countries, not Moscow, that could potentially be through Iran to influence the "Hezbollah", taking on the role of guarantor. According to a former adviser to Prime Minister on National Security of Israel Eiland, "Russia's participation in the alliance of Iran, Syria and Lebanon," Hezbollah "can defuse this confrontation" Shiite axis' with Israel. " But satisfied if such a course of events prime minister of Israel Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Lieberman, demonstrating "Bolshevik thinking patterns."

A source: A REGNUM

Author: Stanislav Tarasov

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