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Nothing changes in Europe! About the poisoning of Skripal wrote still Engels

Nothing changes in Europe! About the poisoning of Skripal wrote still Engels

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The reviewer Nikolai Andreev found parallels between the high-profile events in London at the end of the 19 century and an incident in the British town of Soulsbury.

On the basis of production necessity he looked through the collected works of Marx and Engels. I reached the 21 volume. And I found an article about the poisoning of Skripal.

From 1883 to 1885 years in London, there were 13 terrorist bombings. Explosions in the Times newspaper, two explosions in the subway, an explosion at the Victoria station. 30 May 1884 year explosion in Scotland Yard. They blew up the bomb in the parliament.

Who was accused of the terrorist attacks? That's right, Russian.

Friedrich Engels broke out the article "Imperial Russian real secret dynamite advisers" in the journal "Observer". He wrote: "I have no reason to doubt that the London explosions 24 January 1885 Russia's handiwork ... Everyone knows that official Russia does not give up any means, unless they lead to the goal ... About what the official can do Russia to eliminate the disturbing persons with the help of poison, daggers, etc., enough examples give the history of the Balkan Peninsula over the past hundred years ... "

The reason why Russia went to such terrible crimes in London, Engels sees this: "The Russian government uses all means to conclude agreements with Western European states on the extradition of Russian revolutionaries of emigrants." That is, terrorist acts are a way to pressure the British government to issue Russian troublemakers.

In the explosion at the station "Victoria" also accused the Russians.

Many European newspapers reprinted the article. They demanded the expulsion of Russian diplomats and sanctions.

If we replace the expression "Russian government" with "Putin's regime" in Engels' article, and correct the dates and some details, replace Balkanina with Syria, then it can be placed today in The Times or Guardian. And the phrase "Everybody knows that official Russia is not retreating before any means, if only they lead to the goal," Teresa May could very well say.

Then, at the end of the 80-ies of 19-th century, the London police honestly worked. She did not go in the way of Engels, she found the real organizers of the explosions - they were Irish nationalists. The police found the manufacturers of watch movements, which were put on fuses - they were from the United States. The police came from the suppliers of dynamite - they were from different countries, but none of them had anything to do with Russia.

The Irish organization "Clan-on-Gale" tried to terrorize the population of England in order to force the British government to grant Ireland the right to independence. England severely punished the terrorists: staged in Ireland, the sea, which mowed a third of the population.

So now the only hope for Scotland Yard. His detectives will find out who has poisoned Skripal and his daughter.

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