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Netherlands Rutte won the election, expelling the Turkish Ministers

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, whose party in the elections by a small margin overcame Eurosceptic Geert Wilders thinks that the Dutch "said no wrong populism." What Rutte and congratulated Hollande and Merkel. But, as said, the newspaper VIEW, one of the participants of the voting, the residents feel more confused. Yes, and the "right" Rutte became strongly resemble the "wrong" rivals.

They became known to the preliminary results of the elections in the Netherlands. In 362 388 from municipalities the ruling People's Party for Freedom and Democracy of Prime Minister Mark Rutte receives 33 150 of the seats in parliament. The ruling coalition has lost 39 79 of the seats in parliament. However, apparently, Rutte will retain his post.

Eurosceptics and conservatives of the Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, who predicted victory, were in second place. They, according to preliminary data, got 20 mandates. In the conservative "Christian Democratic Appeal" and the center-left "Democratic-66" - places on 19. "Green Left" - the party of "prodigy" and liberal hopes Jesse Claver - the winners are not logged in.

Victory over the "wrong populism"

Winner Rutte stressed that the outcome of the election - this decision the inhabitants of the country to say "no" to "improper populism" and Brexit after the US elections. His opponent Wilders said that the Freedom Party too have reason to consider themselves as victors - the ruling party has lost in many places compared to the previous elections, Wilders and colleagues increased the share of seats. "Rutte still hear me," - promised to Wilders.

The premiere of the Netherlands was congratulated by French President Francois Hollande, who called the choice of the Dutch "another victory over extremism". One of the leading participants of the French presidential race, Emmanuelle Macron, in turn, stressed: the elections in the Netherlands showed that the success of populist parties is by no means inevitable. "The breakthrough of right-wing extremists is not fatal, the positions of the adherents of European progress are being strengthened," Macron DW quoted. The Dutch premier was also congratulated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel - in a telephone conversation with Rutte she expressed her hope for continued cooperation between "friends, neighbors and Europeans".

However, we note that Mark Rutte can hardly inspire example Hollande, whose policies led to the fact that the prospects for the ruling Socialists in France look pitiable. Yes, and Merkel's little chance of re-election. As Makron, he earns points, including not "tolerant" to ban performances of Turkish politicians in the European Union.

As noted earlier, the key to the relative success of Rutte and Wilders' relative defeat was that the system policy of the Netherlands decided toa little, but likeon the recent marginal Wilders, eurosceptic and opponent of migration. Note that this is the prime Rutte was the "main character" of the ongoingconflict, the Netherlands and Turkey(Which at the time of electionHe accusedNetherlands in violation of international law).

"The choice seemed to be very difficult"

"My friends and family were a little discouraged by the need to make a choice that seemed this time very difficult. Nearly all complained that the promises made to the parties, for which the people voted in 2012 year, has not fulfilled the expectations of voters and not justified ", - he told the newspaper VIEW resident of Lelystad (the capital of the province of Flevoland) Alice.

Although the last few weeks were debates, the number of parties was a record - 28 (such diversity not seen since the post-war years), and two days before the election, "crept local party representatives with leaflets, flowers and so on - but the number of doubters in his choice of people zashkalivalo "interlocutor noted.

According to Alice, some of her neighbors and friends did not go to the polls. "Many people from my environment, and not only, and may not vote. The reason is simple: complained about the mess in Parliament on suspicion of politicians, and many just do not know who to vote for, - says the interlocutor. - As far as I know, leaflets and posters on the streets did not help to make a choice. "

The debate also looked more out of interest than on the need to set preferences, Alice said.

"There is talk of" Nekzite "

Despite this, according to Alice, the turnout in her city, and as a whole in the Netherlands, was high - "suggest that so many voters are required to good weather."

Some municipalities have attracted people that opened for the election interesting or comfortable place to vote. "For example, this is a newly built island in my Lelystad - it was conceived as part of the archipelago, which will open a new nature reserve. Or, on the twentieth floor of the tower A'DAM in Amsterdam or at railway stations ", - says Alice.

In general, as noted by Alice, "of course, people are waiting for changes in health care, education, the tax system and, of course, the issue of European integration - expect stability, cooperation with the EU." But "talking about" Nekzite "- exit from the EU on the model of the British" Brekzita "adds companion. In addition, she points out, "the acute problem of migrants, which is also a bit out of control."

"They explained that Wilders" says the voice of the people "

Once the tests have helped navigate the Internet, determining to what, in fact, can be attributed to political camp itself. "Everyone I know have resorted to such service", - says the interlocutor.

Some have changed their preferences. "For example, our relatives who voted for the socialists and the workers' party made a choice in favor of the democrats and liberals: the left-liberal" Democrats-66 "and free democrats-the parties of Premier Mark Rutte," Alice said. In her opinion, "in principle, the great achievement of Rutte's cabinet was that the country improved the economy and emerged from the crisis."

"Many of the people I know are tired of the problems caused by migrants from the Middle East, voted for Geert Wilders, explaining that he" says the voice of the people and on behalf of his people ", - the interlocutor said. - Just TV debate between Rutte and Wilders provoked stormy admiration of populism and calmness and confidence of another. "

Alisa herself and her family voted for the Conservatives and Eurosceptic party Forum of Democrats (FVD). "This is a new party, in principle, their program repeats many points of the programs of other right-wing parties, but they looked at some things from a different perspective and left us with the feeling that they thought up the details," the interlocutor explains. "In particular, they are the only ones who introduced interesting proposals on tax reform." In addition, the party proposes "to withdraw the decision to cancel the visa with Ukraine, to stop the expansion of the EU zone, to introduce control over national borders and refugees, and, most importantly, to build and strengthen constructive relations with Russia."

The formula for success: the anti-migrant agenda and evrooptimizm

"The current and, apparently, already the future prime minister" Mark Rutte has already won the election, when he took the decision not to let the aircraft to the Turkish minister, he said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW fellow at the Center for European Studies, IMEMO Anastasia Neva.

"This has shown that he knows how tough enough to defend the rights of the Dutch in terms of security. It was considered his weakest against this all the time acted Wilders, who said that the Dutch right infringed over the rights of others - migrants, - said the expert. - This situation showed that Rutte was capable of such strong steps. He just did not have such a loud gesture that dot the "i".

According to the Neva, Rutte "is very well captured the mood of the population", "On the one hand - anti-migrant theme, which he picked up on the other side - euroscepticism, which is inherent in the right, including Wilders."

The Queen, too, was "migrant"

Anti-immigrant rhetoric borrowed almost all the major political forces, such as the Christian Democrats, says Neva. On the eve of elections, the leader of the party "Christian Democratic Appeal" master sibrand Byuma even said that the wife of the King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxim, should be deprived of the second, the Argentine citizenship (Her Majesty native of Buenos Aires).

The second trend of public sentiment - euroscepticism - Rutte did not catch. In addition, the expert believes that the calls to the exit from the EU, which sounded Geert Wilders - it is rather a marginal trend. Although at some point there was a surge of such attitudes (according to some surveys, for "Nekzit" were ready to vote to 50%), is now striving to exit from the European Union began to decline. "At least, in the Netherlands it is hardly implemented by a script," - emphasizes the Neva. Anyway, Rutte, on the other hand, called for greater cohesion within the EU.

The combination of these factors - borrowed from right-wing anti-migration agenda and, on the other hand, "evrooptimizm" - is "fired", and this is probably the direction that will move and further European countries, summarizes the expert. Neva believes that in the future the electoral cycle, in particular in the forthcoming elections in France, it is this combination would be most successful.

A source: LOOK

Author: Marina Baltachevo, Michael Moshkin

Tags: Netherlands, Policy, Research, Elections, Europe