Today: January 20 2019
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Low churn rate on deposits in December

Low churn rate on deposits in December

Tags: Economy, Deposits, Banks

Central Bank of Cyprus has published data that in December the outflow of deposits from the deposits of Cyprus remained at a low level for the third consecutive month. In December, an outflow of funds in the amount € 164,6 million

According to the Bank, total deposits decreased in December until 2013 47 billion euros, which is the lowest since May 2007 year.

In general, the amount of deposits in 2013 decreased by € 23,15 billion This figure includes a haircut and uninsured deposits in the Bank of Cyprus and Laiki Popular Bank (about € 8 billion).

Deposits of residents in Cyprus increased in December at € 127 million, reaching € 32.98 billion, while deposits of residents of countries outside the euro area and third countries increased by € 88,8 million, reaching € 11.76 billion

In December 2013, loans amounted to € 63.11 billion, down € 311.2 million compared with the previous month.

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