Today: January 20 2019
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Night Prayer

Night Prayer

Tags: Religion, Christianity

The New Year is one of those rare days in the year when a lot of people do not sleep, making a drunken and gluttonous parody of the all-night vigil next to Olivier salad, blue (in different senses) screen, etc. This despite the fact that our people are not used to not sleeping at night. Sleep is one of the few comforts of a poor man. The poor man's sleep, as Solomon says, is sweet; and no matter how much or little he ate. The rich on the contrary, weighed down with excess eaten and drunk, tossed on his bed until dawn. This is also said by Solomon. It is not difficult to guess that our poor people, in the overwhelming majority of their history, slept soundly for a long time, if only because, as Porthos used to say, "whoever sleeps, he eats." That is, it spends little effort and forgets about an empty stomach.

But we do not sleep in the New Year. Not used. And a good thought arises. Namely: to celebrate the New Year with a prayer in the temple, at night, not at an abundant table, and not with a face in a salad, or in someone else's apartment with a question in the morning "where am I?" Or "who are you?". In the temple to meet the calendar start of the new year! Is not beauty and what is not grace?

Clock on the Kremlin chimes will be struck twelve times, and every hurray will be heard in the world in Russian, and slam the open stoppers of a bottle of champagne. But it is at this time in many churches that priests will say: "Blessed be the Kingdom of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit," and liturgies will begin. And nothing better to think of.

Previously, it was a rare tradition. For everything new (good or bad - little difference), we are watching closely and with squint. They look with suspicion. They explain themselves to themselves by the fact that they "keep the tradition". Anyway. We are not the judges. Today the tradition of serving the liturgy on New Year's Eve has gradually spread, and it is already difficult to scold priests for "unprecedented innovation", for many of them are employees from 31 to 1 at night. People like it. All sober and joyful. All have more real hopes for the same real happiness in the New Year after the prayer and communion, rather than after the songs of Kolya Baskov. It seems that the case is understandable and resolved. But…

But the tradition of praying at night can gradually spread and beyond the power of Santa Claus.

In general, Christians used to pray at night more than in the light of day. Our cry of the All-Night Vigil "Glory to Thee, Who showed us the light" reminds us of these times. The night spent in prayer is as natural for Christians as the night spent behind cards for the preference buff. And after all, note: lovers of preference (as well as lovers of night discos, booze and other night activities), nobody curses or condemns. This is their life. And we are told not to judge. We do not condemn. But their own scolded at times for not wanting to sniff and dream. We swear for wanting to pray at night. Strange and incomprehensible.

Night liturgies again come out of age-old darkness and claim their right to exist. There is such a phrase: "The future of the Church is its past." All the great things that were manifested by the Church in the past must once again appear before the decline of history. And asceticism, and mercy, and mutual aid, and eucharistic jealousy ... And night prayer, too. People will be more and more, more at night drinking, wandering, pricking, sniffing, stealing, fighting, cutting, hanging .... And the Church, without mingling with mass lawlessness, will have to aggravate the prayer. Including at night.

Night Liturgies again come out of age-old darkness and claim their right to exist

The pace of life is such that, apart from Sunday, you will not especially pray for the liturgy. Work, you know. This and that. But who prevents once a month, or every two weeks, gather at the prescribed time in the temple at midnight, pray, take communion and go home? You'll be asleep by two already. " Many at this time only break away from the TV and the computer. And in the morning to work, as expected. Who hinders? Yes, no one except personal laziness and false fears. As though that did not work out.

But life itself will make us pray at night. The very inner logic of church history will force us to pray at night, in the attics, in the field, in the hold of the ship, and in the summer kitchen (I can continue the list very much). So let's get used, not waiting for persecution and prayerfully pushing their approach. After all, eucharistic meetings really tear the webs of the devil. The Church's prayer weakens the total evil effect on the human race. Only it weakens. It is worthwhile for us all to reduce the evil harvest of New Year's drunkenness, quarrels, fights and debauchery by the fact that many faithful will gather this night for prayer and the Eucharist. And there, you see, we will also have a taste for spiritual works. For, to be honest, in some of us this taste is not noticeable at all.

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
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