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Night fire in Nicosia forced residents to leave their apartments

Tonight there was a violent fire in one of the metropolitan bars. In this regard, the police had to evacuate residents from apartments located above the bar.

According to the fire department, 3: 20 received a phone call stating that a fire broke out in the bar located at the corner of Stasandrou and Anna Komnene streets in Nicosia. In place immediately went three fire engines, which managed to take the fire under control already in 3: 48. After a while, the fire was completely extinguished.

The fire caused significant damage to both the bar and its property, Sigmalive reports. Apartments located above the bar did not suffer. The tenants of these apartments were also not harmed, as the police evacuated everyone from the building in the beginning of the fire. The causes of the fire are established.

A source: RuCy

Author: Elena Savchenko

Tags: Cyprus, Incidents, Nicosia, Fire, Bar

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