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Norway to build world's first shipping tunnel Marine

Norway announced plans to build the world's first shipping tunnel sea. The length of the tunnel through the Norwegian peninsula Stud be 1,7 km, width - 36 meters.

The tunnel will relieve the Court of the need to bypass the Stad peninsula, coastal waters which since Viking times due to strong winds in the area are notorious among sailors.

"The government currently provides a safer and more reliable way on the most dangerous waters along the coast of Norway", - said the Minister of Transport of Norway Ketil Solvik-Olsen.

Tunnels for small river vessels exist in other regions of the world. For example, part of the Languedoc canal in the south of France is a tunnel.

However, the tunnel through Stad peninsula is the first sea tunnel, which will be capable of transmitting cargo and passenger vessels of up to 16 thousand tons, including popular among Norwegians express Bergen-Kirkenes. The distance between the water surface and the tunnel ceiling is scheduled to be 49 meters.

The first tunnel will be designed for the passage of passenger ships. It is assumed that for ships with a length less than 70 meters, the tunnel passage will be free.

The project cost for the construction of the channel is estimated at 2,7 billion Norwegian kroner (about 314 million). It is expected that construction of the tunnel will begin in 2019 year, it is planned to construct three to four years. According to the authors of the project, the engineers have to blow up about 8 million tons of rock.

A source: BBC Russian Service

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