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"Olive Ebola" in Spain and Italy - there is a threat of Cyprus?

"Olive Ebola" in Spain and Italy - there is a threat of Cyprus?

It's all fairy tales of European officials to knock supplementary budgets

Spain and Italy away - Cyprus Safety

We need urgently to introduce a quarantine!

I do not eat olives and olive oil

Hooray! Now it is possible to raise prices!

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08.03.2013 - 17: 23

Cyprus does not intend to accept the new conditions "troika"

These days there are representatives in Cyprus "troika" of potential creditors of the country, who discuss the possibility of further restructuring of the budget and financial sectors.

However, the Government of Cyprus said a firm no to three voiced "troika" proposals "haircut" of bank deposits, higher corporate tax and the introduction of a tax on financial transactions.

As the portal business news StockWatch, Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiadis after a meeting with representatives of the "troika» 7 March categorically denied the possibility of increasing the corporate tax. Finance Minister Michalis Sarris confirmed that at the meeting it was really about it.

With regard to the restructuring of bank deposits, Sarris said that "the" haircut ", or any other threat to the deposits are not even discussed." He also said he would not allow the inclusion in the conditions for financial assistance from the EU point of imposing a tax on financial transactions. According to Sarris, reduced costs and increased revenue through the development of the gas industry will be much more effective measure than the introduction of the above-mentioned tax.

The Minister does not agree to cuts in salaries and pensions of civil servants beyond what was included in the preliminary version of the memorandum of understanding.

Source: Bulletin of Cyprus



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