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"The new role of the United States in Syria" reflects the maximum capability of US

The United States sent to Syria limited military contingent. But not to attack or defense, and for psychological effect. In the area of ​​El-Baba threaten shlestnutsya in earnest three forces, which are not destined to reach agreement on a number of fundamental reasons - the Syrians, the Turks and the Kurds. As Americans try on the role of "guarantor". Will it have?

The Pentagon spokesman, Navy captain Jeff Davis, said that a "small number" of US troops were stationed on the western outskirts of Manbijah in northern Syria in order to "reassure and deter" the conflicting parties. And he stressed that the goal of the military is not offensive and not defensive. "This mission is designed to prevent the escalation of tension, which will only provoke a new wave of violence in the north of Syria. This is a visible reminder for those who want to provoke a fight, that the only fight that should take place right now is with the IG fighters, "Davis said.

Quoting Captain, Defense News resource explains the following. "Manbij - hot Syria point. Turkey argues that the city has the Syrian Kurdish fighters, which it considers a threat to its security, between the United States deny the presence of Kurds in the city. Also in the area are government Syrian troops, backed by Russia, as well as the Syrian and Arab fighters, who provide support to the United States. "

This resource belongs to the phrase "the US armed forces to assume a new role in Syria," which sold widely by the media.

All this information has appeared on the background of the official meeting of the Russian General Staff leaders, the United States and Turkey in the resort Antalya. Valery Gerasimov, Joseph Dunford Hulusi Acar and discussed "strengthening of contacts at the highest level", as well as the situation in Syria and Iraq. And very well met.

The situation in the two troubled sectors of the front in the north of Syria - in El Baba and Kurdish manbij - has long been required military and diplomatic decisions and negotiations, as threatens to escalate into an uncontrollable escalation of hostilities on the principle of "all against all".

The catalyst was the deterioration of the situation on the whole unsuccessful operation of Turkish troops "Shield of the Euphrates," which was to be ideally set up for Turkey in Syrian Kurdistan, a kind of "safe haven". In practice, the Turks would simply occupy indefinitely large territory of Syria and create on it The separate Turkic-speaking authorities, displacing the Kurdish forces, and it is desirable - the Kurds in general.

Damascus is not prepared to give up part of their sovereignty for the sake of the interests of the mythical too active northern neighbor. It began "a race to the El-Baba" - parallel attempts of the Turkish and Syrian armies to break through this key city position LIH and other bad people. The result was a draw with some margin of Syrians that have led to attempts to oust the Turkish special forces CAA already occupied positions. The whole story initially looked threatening, and now all can cause a catastrophe.

The extreme point of the Turkish offensive publicly identified as manbij time, which could become one of the centers of attraction for the Kurds. So far, the Turks manbij up almost as far as to China, but at this stage, someone had to at least make an attempt to prevent a possible collision completely incompatible powers - the Turks, Syrians and Kurds. All these forces would prefer to take a 'much sovereignty as you can swallow "and separately emphasize that earned it its fight against jihadists of all kinds as a completely separate forces.

Travel to manbij two dozen US commandos is nothing on the front does not change. It does not even frighten the "jihadists" who have been exposed previously to the Americans (eg, with Marines in the same manbij during his defense Kurds). The American half-company - this is an argument for the Turks, for a long time to invite guests to a foreign land, but not for jihadists or Turkish allies - former jihadists, repainted banners.

This division of responsibilities is consistent with the real balance of forces in the region. The Americans are only able to provide "moral suasion" (mostly - at some of the Turkish establishment), because of their military presence will be limited strictly metered administrative and populist measures.

It is not only in Moscow, but Washington has no desire to admit Ankara to the administrative management of the occupied land, creating a precedent for the rejection of the Syrian part of the territory - a small but legitimizing Turkish expansion. Of course, we do not live in the time of Suleiman the Magnificent, but those of our partners should immediately take up as soon as they begin to call Alexandretta Iskenderun in official documents and record of Aleppo in the area of ​​their "historical responsibility".

The first round of such consultations took place even earlier, but the US space occupied by another influential regional players - Iran (and it is clear - Washington and Tehran to sit at the same table in the near future is unlikely, especially under President Donald Trump). Its meaning is the same: the coordination of military cooperation was discussed around Syria and Iraq. And apparently successful. At least until the purely military and administrative issues do not cause all the participants of these consultations, specific disputes.

Another thing is that the indigenous, political, geographic, ethnic, and historical problems still camouflaged routine local agenda. That is all in the heart to understand what the problem is with the Turks advance deep into Syria, but loud no one says, preferring to discuss the number of donkeys needed to support the supply of the American garrison in manbij. Where in our difficult time to take donkeys - this is also an important issue. Discuss which is easy and enjoyable.

A source: LOOK

Author: Eugene Kroutikov

Tags: Syria, Turkey, Politics, Kurds, Analytics, war in the Middle East, United States

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