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New Year greeting Russian President Vladimir Putin

Leaving 2016-th year was difficult, but the difficulties faced by Russia, rallied the citizens of the country, President Vladimir Putin said in his New Year address. The first treatment of the head of state saw the inhabitants of the Far East, where the New Year came in 16.00 MSK.

«2016-th year goes. It was difficult, but the difficulties that we are facing, we rallied, led to open huge reserves of our ability to move forward. The main thing - we believe in ourselves, in our own strength, their own country. We work, work well, and we get a lot ", - quotes him RIA" Novosti ".

He thanked the citizens "of the victories and achievements, for their understanding and trust for real, heartfelt concern for Russia."

Putin called Russia a huge, unique and beautiful country whose citizens are combined with care and common joys, as well as long-standing, good tradition to celebrate the New Year with his family, with hope for the best.

In his address, the Head of State reminded those who celebrate the New Year away from home. They ensure the safety of Russian, working in factories and on duty in hospitals, trains and planes are.

"Anyone who performs Now your labor and military duty, my best wishes for the coming year", - Putin said.

According to Putin, each of us in the New Year's Eve can be a bit of a magician. He explained that this "just need with love and gratitude to treat parents, surrounded with attention and care of their children, their families, colleagues at work, cherish friendship, defend truth and justice, to be merciful, to help those who are waiting for support" .

"That's the whole secret" - the president added.

The Head of State wished the Russians to the fulfillment of all desires, pure thoughts and good intentions. "Let every house prevail joy and love. Let become beautiful and attractive dear to our hearts, streets, towns and villages. Peace and prosperity of our common great Motherland - Russia. I wish you happiness and health, well-being. Congratulations! New, 2017 year "- said Putin.

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