Today: January 16 2019
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The new port of Limassol took the first cruise ship

The new port of Limassol took the first cruise ship

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In the evening of 11 April, the new passenger terminal of the port of Limassol was first received by a cruise ship. According to the company for the development of tourism and promotion of Limassol (Etal), on board Mein Schiff 5 was about 2 800 passengers and over 1 000 crew members.

The cruise ship will be in the port for 24 hours and, according to the authorities, on the arrival of the guests of the island a solemn greeting was waited. A group of musicians and dancers from the cultural club Zidros Pano Polemidia presented concert and dance programs, and the girls in national costumes offered traditional tourists the traditional alcoholic drinks and Cypriot dishes. The initiative to hold such an event belongs to the municipality of Limassol and Etal, with the support of the Cyprus Tourism Organization (COT).

This is the first of the planned events in the port, the total number of which exceeds ten shares of hospitality. According to the head of Etal Maria Stilianu, this is a positive sign of the growth of the tourism sector.

Recall, the new terminal of the port of Limassol was opened last year. With a total area of ​​7 000 sq. M. meters, it includes three 400-meter berths, suitable for receiving cruise ships.

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