Today: March 18 2019
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New dispute: Northern Europeans go to confrontation with the EU

New dispute: Northern Europeans go to confrontation with the EU

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Northern Europe forms an alliance that plans to withstand the deeper integration of the EU.

Eight Nordic EU countries led by the Netherlands are opposed to plans for deeper integration of the EU and the Erosones of French President Emmanuel Macron. After the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU, the "unity" of the remaining 27 member states is a "decisive force" that should be "protected", finance ministers from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Sweden write in a statement published in Tuesday in The Hague.

Therefore, discussions about the future of the European Economic and Monetary Union should be conducted jointly by all EU countries, including countries that are not members of the Eurozone. Without mentioning Makron's reform plans, eight countries warn against "far-reaching proposals" and instead require reforms to strengthen economic stability.

Macron and European Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker made major plans to reform the EU and the Eurozone. The President of France calls, for example, to the general budget for all euro countries and the vocation of the pan-European finance minister.

Dutch Finance Minister Vopke Haxtra said that eight Nordic countries believe that "a strong economy leads to a strong Europe." But the beginning should be laid at the national level. In doing so, Member States must first comply with existing EU rules. In order to strengthen the currency union, "structural reforms and the Stability and Growth Pact" should be implemented, "the document says. Thus, "financial buffers" can be created in national budgets, "leaving room for a national tax policy".

As the cooperation deepens, "far-reaching" competencies should be transferred to the EU only if they bring real benefits. Eight countries demand the completion of the banking union and the transformation of the European Rescue Fund ESM into the European Monetary Fund.

The background of the alliance created by the Netherlands and Ireland is associated with a tangible conflict between these countries with the EU because of the tax policy: the European Commission in a report published on Wednesday sharply criticizes the "aggressive" tax policy of several EU member states. "These methods undermine fairness and equal conditions of competition in our domestic market," Commissioner of the housekeeper Pier Moskosvisi said on Tuesday. Accordingly, this criticism of Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands.

In the listed countries are the headquarters of multinational corporations, such as Google, Apple or Facebook. Complex taxation models allow corporations to withdraw their profits and avoid high tax payments. This adds to the burden of European taxpayers, Moskosvisi said. Recognizing the recent efforts of some countries to adapt their tax models, "obviously" much remains to be done.

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