Today: March 22 2019
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The new term of Putin will have its own super task

The new term of Putin will have its own super task

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"Russia will only go forward, and in this movement forward, no one will ever stop it." With these words, Vladimir Putin announced that he was nominated to the presidency. It was expected, and it is clear that the outcome of the election of 18 March is predetermined, but the fourth term of Vladimir Putin will not be similar to the previous one.

Putin held on to formal intrigue until the very beginning of the election campaign. Tomorrow, there comes a ten-day period in which the Federation Council, in accordance with the Constitution, must officially fix the date of elections.

The very announcement of nomination was voluntarily and involuntarily furnished with two symbols: Putin spoke at GAZ in Nizhny Novgorod, which emphasized the reliance on the broad masses, not on the elite and not even on the nomenclature. And I spoke on the day when the whole country was discussing how to react to the non-admission of our team to the Olympics, that is, to the next stage of the conflict between Russia and the West.

Conflict with the West became the main foreign policy content of the third presidential term of Vladimir Putin - as well as the nationalization of the elite.

However, his new term will not be a mere continuation or development of the previous period.

Despite such an "Olympic omen," it is not confrontation with the West that will be the main content of the next six years. And not even because not Putin was the initiator of the conflict of recent years: the United States categorically did not like either Putin returning to the Kremlin, nor growing and becoming more and more ambitious Russia.

For the next term, neither the US nor the West as a whole will no longer be the main problem for Putin. In this sense, the decision of the IOC is indeed symbolic, as a dangerous, but last shot of the passing epoch.

Conflict with the West will go to the second, third plan among Putin's concerns simply because the "West" itself is leaving. Before our eyes, the Atlantic unity of the United States and Europe is collapsing, the anti-globalization elite in both the US and Europe are gaining strength. Of course, pressure and even attacks on Russia will remain, but the West will increasingly become entangled in internal contradictions and problems. And the individual countries that make up it will exert more and more efforts to restore relations with our country.

And Putin himself will pay more and more attention and efforts to building Russia's relations in the southern and eastern directions - from Turkey to China, from Iran to Japan, from Latin America to Africa. In the coming years, the formation of a new world order will take visible, all noticeable features - from the ever-ousting of the dollar from international settlements to the creation of a new security architecture in Asia based on the SCO.

The most important for Russia project will be the deepening of integration and the expansion of the Eurasian Union. This union will potentially have to include Ukraine, the struggle for which is a timeless priority, not even external, but in fact, Russia's domestic policy.

In which, in general, Putin will most deal with the most pressing issue now - personnel. That is, a large-scale, global renewal of the national elite, the advancement of new forces. Creation of conditions for capable, intelligent, honest, national-minded people to serve the Motherland and work in power. This is his minimum program until 2024 year.

And about the maximum program he will need to ask not after six years. Because if God gives health, for the post of Vladimir Putin there is a name after 2024 year. After all, this is where the place does not paint a person.

Peter Akopov
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