Today: March 19 2019
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The new head of the Central Bank of Cyprus will begin his duties with 11 April

The new head of the Central Bank of Cyprus will begin his duties with 11 April

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New Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus will be April 11 current Auditor General of the Republic Hristalla Georgadzhi.

On his decision to appoint her to the post Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiadis informed the head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi.

58-year Georgadzhi replace Panicos Demetriades, who was the manager of the Central Bank from May 2012 year. 10 March, he tendered his resignation, referring mainly to "personal and family circumstances." However, we know that his activities as head of the financial regulator under severe banking crisis sharply criticized President Anastasiadis and a number of parties, who believed that Dimitriadis made several mistakes that led to the development of the situation in the country under the worst scenario and ultimately to "haircut" deposits.

Dimitriadis himself categorically denied these accusations.

Georgadzhi with 1998 been the chief auditor of the republic and gained fame independent and credible fighter against corruption. She is the first woman at the helm of the Central Bank of Cyprus.

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