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"New Silk Road"

In Beijing hosted a two-day "Silk Road" forum of the Economic Belt, attended by guests from 29 the world.

China is attractive. Only with 2014 2016 year of the Celestial Empire has signed infrastructure contracts for $ 304, .9 billion, said Iranian Press TV channel.

And in the next five years, the share of 65 States will have to $ 500 billion of Chinese investment, which only encourages competition for the foreign exchange holdings of China, which intends to lead Washington. Not by chance the United States at the summit of the "Silk Road" is the director of the East Asian Council of National Security ProgramsMetyu Pottinger, Co-author withMichael Flynnreport 2010 years of American intelligence issues in Afghanistan, which (according to the New York Times) plays a decisive role in the development of the Asian strategy of the White House.

"American companies have a long and successful experience in global infrastructure projects. We are ready to participate in the construction of Economic Belt "Silk Road". US corporations can provide the best prices for goods and services ", - quotes Pottinger Hong Kong's South China Morning Post.

Meanwhile, the role of "first violin" played by the United Kingdom, which calls itself a "natural ally" of China, thus sending an informal US signal. It is noteworthy that an international meeting in the Chinese capital is held the day after the two-day summit of finance ministers "Big Seven" in the Italian city of Bari and 11 days before the NATO summit in Brussels, where the presidentDonald TrumpI have to agree with the growing economic power of China, or oppose it something sensible.

Hong Zhang. The Great Silk Road

Chinese PresidentXi Jinping said that China is not going to fence a small group with a number of other countries in the framework of the implementation of the initiative "New Silk Road", as this will only bring harm to global stability, according to 14 May the agency "Xinhua".

"We hope to create a large, harmoniously coexisting family. We hope to achieve a new model of mutually beneficial cooperation ", - said the Sea in the framework of the main report on the opening ceremony of international cooperation" One belt - one way. "

Xi added that in implementing the initiative, China will not resort to outdated geopolitical maneuvering.

"Belt and Road" Initiative was announced by China in 2013 year and consists of the project "Silk economic zone" and "maritime Silk Road 21 century." Its main objective the creation of the initiative puts the infrastructure network linking Europe, Asia and Africa within and outside of the ancient "Silk Road".

To date, the initiative has gained the support of more 100 countries and international organizations, of which more than 40 signed cooperation agreements with China.

China over the next three years to provide economic aid in the amount of 60 billion yuan ($ 8,7 million) to developing countries and international organizations participating in the initiative "New Silk Road" in order to improve the welfare of the people, said Chinese President Xi Jinping. This is reported by the agency "Xinhua".

Provide humanitarian assistance to China in the amount of food 2 billion yuan for developing countries over the "New Silk Road" and additionally allocate $ 1 billion Fund to help South-South Cooperation, Xi said at the opening ceremony, "One belt - one way" in Beijing.

China plans to launch projects 100 "happy home", 100 projects to fight poverty and 100 health protection projects in the countries of the "New Silk Road".

In addition, the organizations involved will be allocated $ 1 billion for the implementation of projects that will benefit the "path" of the country.

Chapter Xi Jinping 14 May that the "New Silk Road" Though focused on Europe, Asia and Africa, but it is also open to countries outside of these three continents, reports "Xinhua" agency.

"All countries in Asia, Europe and Africa, as well as the Americas, can also become international partners within the framework of the" belt and path "initiative," Si said at the opening ceremony of the forum for international cooperation "One belt - one way", adding that the participating countries of the project will share all the benefits of the new undertaking.

Vladimir Putin with Xi Jinping before the round table of the leaders of the forum "One Belt, One Way"

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on April 14 the opening of the international forum "One belt - one way" that Russia and China play a direct role in protecting the regional stability and world peace, the agency "Xinhua".

Two powers that are constantly searching for a political solution to the Syrian crisis and the North Korean nuclear issue has always played the role of "ballast stone" in the protection of regional and global stability and peace, said Xi Jinping during a meeting with his Russian counterpartVladimir PutinWho arrived in Beijing to attend the forum "One belt - one way."

Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the opening ceremony of the Chinese initiative "Belt and Road", and called for the strengthening of the Eurasian Partnership, reports "Xinhua" agency.

Calling the initiative an example of cooperation in the areas of infrastructure, transport and industry, the Russian leader said that his country supported her from the beginning.

He noted that the historical experience of cooperation between the two countries runs from the time of the ancient "Silk Road", which took place across Asia, Europe and Africa, and at the same time, it is extremely relevant in 21 century, when the world is facing a "very serious challenges" .

Putin called for greater unity, standing in the face of global challenges such as uneven development under globalization, poverty and regional conflicts, claiming that Russia is working with its partners on the development of the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC), among others.

He also noted that the integration in the framework of the "New Silk Road" initiative, the EAEC and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has laid the groundwork for a major Eurasian Partnership.

In addition, Putin urged to focus on the implementation of the impressive initiatives, which were announced earlier. In his opinion, the "New Silk Road" was proposed by China is "very timely".

Roundtable Leaders Forum "One belt one way"

Turkey, taking advantage of its unique geographical position, supports the initiative to create a "Silk economic zone and maritime Silk Road 21 century," said 14 May, President of TurkeyRecep Erdoganat a forum in Beijing, the agency "Xinhua".

Being at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is willing to make full use of its unique geographical position, Erdogan said at the opening ceremony of the International Cooperation Forum "One belt - one way", which takes place in the capital of China - Beijing.

Turkey also began a series of infrastructure projects that will strengthen the communication between the continents, the Turkish leader said.

He called on both sides to better coordinate the actions as in the framework of the "Belt and Road" and Turkey Project "Middle-corridor", which will connect Central Asia and China.

Erdogan also suggested that Turkish support for the initiative of the "belt and road", which was proclaimed President of ChinaXi Jinpingeven in 2013 year, which will build a trade and infrastructure network within the ancient trade routes linking Europe and Asia and Africa and beyond.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for strengthening strategic communication and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with Kazakhstan, the agency "Xinhua".

Their thoughts the Chinese leader expressed during the meeting with his Kazakh counterpartNursultan NazarbayevWho came to visit the international forum of cooperation "One belt - one way", which takes place in Beijing on 14 15 of May.

Xi proposed Kazakhstan and Indonesia to participate in the initiative of the Chinese "economic belt of the Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road of XXI century" is still in 2013 year. Later, the country has officially accepted the offer.

Vladimir Putin at a roundtable forum leaders "One belt one way"

The Russian Federation will not only support the project "One belt - one way", but also to actively participate in it. On this, as the RT, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a "round table" on the second day of the forum.

"All that is proposed is a trend of modern development, it is extremely necessary and highly in demand, - the Russian leader said. - That is why Russia has not only supported the project "One belt - one way", but also will actively participate in its realization. "

At the same time, Putin said that the establishment of zone of economic development and mutually beneficial trade between Asia and Europe is timely and important initiative, which takes into account the reality of today's economy.

Order 50 countries have expressed interest in cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union, said 15 May, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the forum "One belt - one way."

"Surely expanding external ties of the EurAsEC, - he said. - The interest to cooperate with him appear about 50 countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. "

According to the Russian President, to date the cooperation agreement with the EAEC discussed with Beijing, as negotiations on an agreement on free trade with Israel. With Iran, India, Egypt, Singapore and Serbia has an agreement on launching a consultation process.

The President drew attention to the fact that in 2015, the decisions were made on the economic belt of the "Silk Road" and the integration processes in the EAEC. During the negotiations the organization plans a large Eurasian Partnership.

"We are talking about the establishment of a multilateral cooperation with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Association of South East Asian Nations", - Putin said.

According to the president, this partnership is not done quickly. It is "a painstaking process." However, these steps are necessary because the road will be opened to the formation of a single economic space "from the Atlantic to the Pacific."

China's Ministry of Public Security and Interpol signed an agreement on strategic cooperation in the "One Belt One Road" within the economic project. The signing ceremony attended by the Minister of State Security of the PRC Guo Shenkunand the Secretary General of InterpolJürgen Stoke.

"We have a number of initiatives that we are ready to act in order to strengthen security cooperation in the region. In particular, a number of proposals for the fight against terrorism and extremism in Central Asia ", - said Jurgen Stoke.

The Secretary General of Interpol noted that the organization seeks to unite all participants in the project and provide a global platform for the exchange of information, the newspaper "People's Daily".

The Chinese minister thanked Jürgen Stoke for his visit to China, and also said that the Chinese authorities are ready to provide comprehensive assistance in the fight against international crime.

Under the agreement, China and Interpol will promote bilateral cooperation in order to ensure security in the region and jointly deal with the financial and other kinds of crimes.

Participants of the round table of the International Leadership Forum "One belt one way"

In the capital of China quits forum devoted to Chinese economic initiative "One belt one way." Chinese President Xi Jinping, addressing the participants of the economic forum, said the need to "revive the spirit of the Silk Road."

"More than two thousand years ago, our ancestors, driven by the desire for friendship, open land and sea trade routes, which later became known as the Great Silk Road. That is how the era of exchanges between different civilizations "- the Chinese leader said.

Hu stressed that the Beijing event brought together all those wishing to revive the spirit of the Silk Road, as well as to return to a fruitful and beneficial cooperation, says, "People's Daily".

According to Xi Jinping, the new Silk Road is an extension of the common heritage and the only sure way of realization of comprehensive trade partnership.

"New Silk Road embodies the desire for exchanges between civilizations, the pursuit of peace and stability, common development and the dream of a better life", - said chairman of the Peoples Republic of China.

Immediately after the celebratory banquet guests of the forum, accompanied by Xi Jinping and his wifePeng LiyuanWe attended a gala concert at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing.

Addressing the participants of the International Economic Forum "One Belt One Road" Deputy Prime Minister Wu YiChzhan GaoliHe spoke about the prospects of the "New Silk Road" project.

According to the Chinese policy, thanks to the project "New Silk Road" the volume of Chinese imports will increase to $ 8 2022 trillion by the year, in addition, the volume of foreign investment in China's economy will grow to $ 600 billion, he writes "Sina sinven".

Against the backdrop of increasing the volume of foreign investment, foreign investment of China reached the mark of $ 750 billion. Chzhan Gaoli sure that the implementation of economic initiatives proposed by China in the year 2013, lead to general economic prosperity and stability.

"China, as one of the largest economies in the world, always ready to assist those countries whose economies are experiencing temporary difficulties. New Silk Road will be implemented on the principle of sharing and consultation, which will inevitably lead to mutual benefit ", - the Deputy Prime Minister of China said.

Chinese project "One Belt and One Road" redraw the economic map of the world and form a new international relations, said 15 May, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during the forum of international cooperation "One Belt and One Road" in China, the press service of the head of Belarus.

According to him, the modern world's problems are often "solved with the use of weapons" that in view of new global crises, how to include terrorism, migration, climate change and other points to the need to "change the model of intergovernmental cooperation."

According to the president of Belarus, Chinese feature of the project is that "there is no imposition of interest, trade expansion in the state." "One Belt and One Road" and "community of common destiny" - a "deep unifying philosophy of international cooperation", said the head of the republic.

The special advantages of China Lukashenko project carried potential "integration over the block", "harmonization of all economic institutions", as well as the removal of "barriers to the free movement of goods, people and investments."

"I am proud of the fact that Belarus is the first country in Europe and one of the first countries in the world who are connected to the construction of the economic zone of the Silk Road on a number of areas", - said the head of the republic.

Internal political struggle that has continued in recent years in the United States, creates a "certain nervousness," not only in politics but also in economics worldwide. On this, as the TVC, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference after the forum in Beijing.

"In the United States continues, as we have seen, acute internal political struggle, it creates a certain nervousness, not only in politics but also in economics, - said Putin. - And the European Union, as you know, has a lot of problems. "

The head of state reminded that everyone is watching anxiously in the European community, what will happen to Brexit (UK out of the EU). According to the President of the Russian Federation, it is now very much in demand signals that "would give hope for some stability."

"In this sense, the Chinese initiative (" One belt one way ") is very timely and useful", - said Vladimir Putin.

A source: A REGNUM

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