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NYT: Russia paid a "double whammy" for Western news feykovye

The official website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a new section on the news that the agency considered it to be untrue, according to The New York Times. According to the newspaper, so Russia dealt a "double blow" to create fake news, because on the same day the defense minister announced the creation of a part of the RF Armed Forces information operations.

The Russian Foreign Ministry in February 22 very effectively joined the "feykovye industry news"According to the newspaper The New York Times. But not by creating add - it "dark art comes from the other, more obscure branches of the Russian government", Said the newspaper. The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova presented on the official website of the Ministry of a new subsection devoted to the news that the agency considered feykovye.

Especially for those who do not understand what's going on, ironically newspaper, on each article, presented in this section, there is a huge red seal «FAKE" and a small sign in English «does not correspond to reality» ( «not true» . -RT)

Thus Russia has caused "Double punch"Feykovye for news. The same day, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told parliament that the army created in the Army information operations for information warfare.

Some critics have found it difficult to take seriously the detector feykovye news Russian Foreign Minister, suggesting that getting into this section there is a kind of reward, an indication that the article hit right on target, writes The New York Times.

According to the chief editor of "Echo of Moscow" Alexei Venediktov, the Russian Foreign Ministry has long evolved from the diplomatic service in "propaganda branch"Kremlin. "No worries"- She advised the journalist and added that the Foreign Ministry to hit list should be treated,"as the medals».

In his speech at the briefing Maria Zakharova stressed that the Foreign Ministry will consider those feykovye news reports in the press, which will not include the reaction or the position of Russia on this or that issue. Anonymous sources and unverified data also fall under this category, said Foreign Ministry spokesman. This initiative, the newspaper writes, appeared as a reaction to widespread allegations Russia distributing create fake news.

In section feykovye news Foreign Ministry so far has made five articles from the fairly large media - The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Daily Telegraph and NBC News, - as well as a California edition of Santa Monica Observer. The latter is dedicated to "insinuations about the cause of death of the Russian diplomats"In recent months. Following the example of Donald Trump, Russia, according to The New York Times, calls feykovye any items that she does not like.

The representative of the newspaper, in turn, called the dangerous practice of unsubstantiated feykovye titles of articles. "This is a dangerous and disturbing we have a situation where the government or the citizens of any country simply mold label create fake news articles, they do not like, rather than to present rebuttal evidence or"- Quoted The New York Times word Eileen Murphy.

Russian social network ridiculed innovation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, given that this subsection applies to a larger section "Publications and denials." "And it is now called "denial": slap a seal and state that this is fake?"- Said Russian-language Facebook user. One of the correspondents of the newspaper The Moscow Times, in turn, asked on Twitter, where you can borrow a similar seal.

A source: RT

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