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On the fighting brotherhood in Syria

"According to information confirmed through several independent channels, an agreement was reached in Cancun between the command of the Kurdish detachments from the so-called" Syrian Democratic Forces "- the Kurdish SDF and the leaders of the IGIL groupings operating in the area, to open a safe" southern corridor "for them. Terrorists are given the opportunity to leave the city without hindrance, provided they go to the Palmyra area, "a source in the Russian Defense Ministry said.

He added that after receiving this information, the command of the Russian group of forces in Syria took measures to prevent the militants from escaping to the south.

"In order to monitor the situation, all types of reconnaissance are strengthened. On the possible routes for the release of terrorists around the clock operate Russian unmanned aerial vehicles, "- said the same source.

He added that the planes and helicopters of the Russian Air Force and the special operations forces were involved in the destruction of groups of IG militants in the area.

In particular, "on the twenty-fifth of May, a column of terrorists consisting of 39 pickup trucks with armaments heading for Palmyra was discovered and destroyed by Russian military aircraft. As a result of these blows, the losses of IGIL amounted to 32 pick-up trucks with large-caliber machine guns mounted on them and more than 120 terrorists, "a source in the Russian Defense Ministry said. He added that all attempts to move the militants towards Palmyra and build up the groupings there will be severely suppressed.

Recall that earlier similarly with the militant groups of the caliphate, Iraqi soldiers entered the army, which launched them in the direction of Dair-Ez-Zor - Palmyra from "completely surrounded Mosul."

A source: Comte

Author: Akbar

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