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About love and fornication

About love and fornication

Tags: Religion, Christianity

The sin of a promiscuous sex life, without promises and blessings, is certainly the most urgent in today's world and the sum of all sins. It actually became synonymous with the very concept of sin: "Father, I have sinned." This is because this sin can be committed by all bodily senses, and also by the soul and the mind, as it cleverly infects our whole nature with wordless brutality and dependence on pleasure.

Moreover, the sin of fornication is so effective and widespread because it is committed in the secret of the human body, which becomes the instance deciding on the killing of freedom and the introduction of slavery. From any enemy, no matter how terrible it may be, you can escape, but from your own body there. The only chance to escape is a fundamental change in the mind, which from the secret nativity of pleasure must become the temple of the Living God.

First let's see why this sin tyrannizes mankind from its very appearance and most often is the culprit of eternal perdition of people and not only. Man was created as a twofold creature - body and soul - and inherited animal nature, which, with the help of grace, must transform on the altar the sacrifices of God. The Creator did not need sacrificial animals; they were just a prototype, which consecrated people to the love of God, so that man could bring his scorpion as a sacrifice on the altar of love and become, by grace, a consecrated and creative being, likening himself to the Most Pure.

Scottishness is unruly, it gives a person a chance to understand the entire creation and accept it, but also carries with it the risk of falling into the darkness of destructive and insatiable matter, into a vicious circle of pleasure and pain. Man's property of being a sexual being is allotted to him by God so that he attains the heights of immaculate love, where the birth of life becomes the light of assimilation to the Parent of the nations.

The sin of fornication teased and attracted a man from his very birth in paradise and always served as the cause of death in the whole history of mankind. He became the source of wars, disease, horrific battles. A man who was dependent on sexuality, together with an evil spirit, even religions were invented, glorifying cattle co-habits and reorienting the worship of man from the Divine to the evil one.

In our times, this sin has engulfed all spheres of life because of the transformation of mankind into a change of coin and goods at the fair of this world. From a short skirt worn on the street and work, to the clerks of the secretaries in the firm, from following fashion to the whims of perishable pleasure to gloomy denominations of sin - these are all illustrations from the novel about turning into a product of a man selling his own body in exchange for comfort, matter and pleasure.

The worst thing is that the horrifying public houses of the Middle Ages moved very close to our homes, or rather - they are already royally sitting in them at a distance of one click from the clean (until?) Eyes and minds of our children. Fornication has now become an entertainment, accessible to everyone. The enemy of the human kingdom and God long ago realized that by inciting people to carnal pleasure, he would cause an erotic pandemic, thousands of times more difficult for any plague and AIDS. And the whole pandemic will bring fat fruits to the tables of infernal money changers and souls: billions of murdered babies conceived in sin and thrown to the periphery of being who make their parents murderers.

The sin of indiscriminate eroticism is designed not only to nourish the wombs of women, but to make the whole being - both women and men - the place of registration of the act of alienation from God and human slaughter. The whole body turns into a den of sin and begins to suffer dependence on non-being, and feelings become the doors of pleasure, which expels the Spirit of the Most-Pure from His own temple. In this respect, a prayer from the Sacrament of Soborovanie is symptomatic: "Either with the eyes of the lusters, or with the sense of smell, they were tempted, or deceived by taste, or alienated your flesh and soul by any kind of burning and dedication; all that they have sinned, and we, as Good and Peoples, forgive "[1].

The position of the Savior who forgiveth each time when he meets a man suffering from a ball of these sins (a Samaritan woman, a sinful myrrh-bearer, a woman sentenced to be stoned) shows that God understands infirmity and forgives illnesses of the flesh overshadowed by dependence, relieving people of corruption by the power of grace.

In confession, we often come across the youth's frowning attitude toward prodigal sin and rational explanation of it: "And what, father? We love each other, and it's normal that we live together. We do not do anything to anyone. " At first glance it seems that the concepts of young roommates are simply borrowed from the logic of this world: they have mutual love, they may even think of getting married, etc. However, the young, burning with passion, do not know that with this irresponsible passion they somehow kill babies of their own love. They, without knowing it, are abducting from God the gift that He gives them in spite of everything - the gift of love. They turn the fire of their passion into alienation from God, into breaking the commandments and, worst of all, into an excuse for killing infants.

Only love, blessed by God, carried through the fiery furnace of the Gospel, crowned with grace in the Wedding, preserved in virginity and secretly anticipated in languor, swelled like a kidney in the sun, revolving around the Throne of God and invoking the Lord from Cana of Galilee, has the chance to become the personification the creative love of God. And this is because true love gives birth and gives, it is so thin that it can hide in the dandelion petal, but it is more powerful than all the ages of the earth, for it gives birth to immortal souls that will forever bear witness to a life pouring out from God and filling the universe with joy.

[1] In our succession of the Sacrament of Unction, this place sounds like this: "Or it is cleansed by a view, or by a prayer by anointing; or the diligence of fornication, or the consumption of fornication; or in any movement of flesh and spirit, alienate Thy will, and Thy Holy One ... "(Prayer of the sixth priest).

Priest John Valentine Istrati
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