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About our life

Most people come to the Church for comfort. Because the way a person lived, led him to a complete collapse. Comes, she cries: everything collapsed, the family collapsed, friends betrayed, they drove them out of work and robbed them.And what is it, big losses, or what? You look, as people used to live ... I remember, I even told you somehow about twenty years ago, I read about Pelagia alone. Before her, the Germans put all her children to tell her where the pilot who fell in the forest, and she knew she hid it. And they began to shoot from the eldest son to the youngest. And she did not betray him. And they shot her. And the youngest son ran away, and it's all told. So the Lord specially arranged. And there were, in my opinion, seven people. Holy woman. Because it does not matter how many people lived. The end is a crown. Does Christ teach us to be traitors? No. But life, it happens, comes here in such an acute phase: now we will kill you, your children, what do you choose? Or betray a wounded pilot? Well, you'll think how few pilots were killed! When organizing our victories, we killed a lot. In any case, no one has ever regretted any pilots or artillerymen. The attitude was purely pragmatic - as a military unit. But a Christian should regret. And so, she made such a choice. Nobody glorifies her, she does not write icons, but she can pray, she is a great saint, no less than Sofia, mother of Faith, Hope, Love, who, when her girls were tortured, walked around them and said: "Do not renounce Christ! ". Although, of course, it was terribly painful.

But our lives are full, happy. We do not even need to heat the house. Some uncles have obtained some gas, other boiler-houses were made by the boiler house, we are already getting heat into the batteries, we are only grumbling if something is not right or too hot. Already so accustomed to, and it is better to say, insolent, have already forgotten how the wood is pricked, and it was only recently. That is, we are not very grateful people, and all the time we feel that someone needs us. Someone does not need us, but we all owe God. We must be immensely grateful for the temple, for the gospel, and for what He has done for us, showed us the way, and for the fact that He is ready to comfort us. What the Lord offers us is not mansions, not riches, not health for two hundred years. No, the Lord does not promise this. He promises us eternal life with Him. It is more important and more expensive. And we must live life so that we are guided by the commandments of God.

A source: CypLIVE

Author: Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov

Tags: Religion, Christianity

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