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On the shortcomings of England in comparison with Russia

I live in England about the same as I lived in Russia and I have, that I can tell you about local shortcomings, in comparison with Russia.

1. Bureaucracy

"Ah, I came to the notary, and I had to sit in the queue for two hours!" - Complains Moscow girlfriend. Aha. But you left with the whole package of documents you need on the same day. You can come to the bank, open an account there, issue a card, and complain that it's not on the Internet.

Do you know how this is done in England?

You come to the bank. I want to open an account.
- Yeah, come back two weeks on Wednesday at half past three, the specialist will take you. You need to bring your driver's license with you (there are no mandatory passports here) and gas and electricity bills for the last three months.
And we'll think about opening an account in our beautiful bank and can easily refuse.
What? Fresh immigrant on a work visa?
Do you have a driver's license and gas bills?
The employer requires a bank account and you have nowhere to receive a salary? Not our problems. Have a nice day.


Notaries NO. If you need to assure a copy of the document, you make a copy, come to: the priest, dentist or school principal (you, as a fresh migrant, have such a circle of close communication), and they write on your copy. "Copy is correct, name, title, address ". If they want.
If they do not want to, they are free. Have a nice day.

2. Metro

Any normal resident of a normal Russian millionaire in the London Underground immediately has an attack of claustrophobia.
"And this is the most famous, the oldest, the very-very subway ?? COME ON".

Trains without air conditioning and a little ventilation.
In the summer heat (this summer twice already the temperature stayed above 30S for longer than a week) cases of fainting are not uncommon. The walls are unpainted, with hanging electrical wires and water dripping from the ceiling.
In the tunnels of a rat.
The platforms are unimaginably close and narrow.
To the credit of the London gentlemen, there is no crush even in the morning hours of the peak: at this time, the turn to the platform can "only" occupy a couple of hundred meters deep into the transition.
In the weekend, one-two-three branches are usually closed entirely. They are being repaired, the new station is being dripped, then the elevator for the disabled is being completed. For tourists who are not used to check the route on the Internet and listen to announcements at stations, there is often a big surprise.

PS: ONE trip on the subway - £ 4.80 (380 rubles).

3. Link

Just give the numbers.

More or less smart Internet: £ 32.5 per month.
Cellular: £ 14 per month for a tariff with 100 minutes and 500 megabytes.

In March 2017, the largest and most expensive mobile provider Vodafone launched a wide advertising campaign with the slogan "We covered the entire London with our network!" London they covered with cellular communication.
The first on the market. In 2017 year.

About the quality could remain silent, but rather it is appropriate to cry. And add to a very unstable quality PAY phone support service. 20 pence (15 rubles) per minute. Including those 20 minutes that you will listen to music in the waiting for an operator's answer.

4. Education

You can borrow the Bologna system and other USEs as much as you like, but the fact remains: the average Russian secondary education is much better and more accessible than the average Western one. In the West, the best (and expensive) schools are open to the West, God grant that two and eight are able to add up in their minds.
At the box office supermarket for them it will make a cash register, so like and teach it is not necessary.

Not all English speakers are able to pass the notorious IELTS to 9.0, and it's not a difference in accents, but in sad truth: the average Englishman simply DOES NOT KNOW his native language at a level sufficient to pass the exam on it.

In England it is quite normal to meet an aboriginal with a university education who has never read Shakespeare: native literature simply did not get on the list of the five subjects that he studied in high school, preparing for admission to a doctor or lawyer.
It is normal to have a degree in psychology and never hear the surname "Freud". What about programmers say ...

5. Service

In addition to the above-mentioned quality of education, there is still its exorbitant price. A typical graduate of a typical university, after three years of study, goes beyond the alma mater with a long state at 60 THOUSAND pounds (about 5 000 000 rubles). But far not only higher education costs so much, the certificate of a hairdresser or masseur is also prohibitive, so this hairdresser and this masseur with fresh crusts will tear off from you three skins for their, most often, very modest quality of service.

Typical manicure: £ 35
A haircut: From £ 50
Root coloring: From £ 70

And really quality or at least not so kosorukim masters of London beauties are willing to pay triple, but only they are not, there are only hackers who beat their certificates.
Names of skillful masters and craftsmen of manicure, hairdressing, cosmetology (usually of Polish or Lithuanian origin) Russian-speaking ladies transmit to each other in secret women's groups on facebook.
And to them there are such lines.

How much is dentistry in such conditions, given that the dentist is not a barber from the college, but a specialist with a higher medical education?
And so much that dental tourism flourishes in England: a trip for two weeks to Budapest for a beautiful smile, taking into account the flight, accommodation and services of the mediator costs an average of three times more accessible than the same procedures on the spot.
With the same quality, of course.

A few more facts about the English service:

  • Pharmacies, hairdressers, banks, post office, other institutions close at five o'clock on weekdays and do not work on Sundays.
  • Supermarkets are legally prohibited from working on Sunday after five in the evening.
  • In Christmas (25 December) officially nothing works, including the metro, trains and buses.

No small surprise for tourists who came for a Christmas fairy tale.

A source: Fishki.net

Author: Inna Art

Tags: United Kingdom, Russia, Society, West