Today: January 18 2019
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About surrendering and fading America

About surrendering and fading America

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It is sad for some, but the final diagnosis has already been made against the United States.

And - no, this is not Russian propaganda. One clever German frau, an experienced politician and an educated man sounded a requiem for the outgoing superpower. The sounded signal is clear: if the closest ally and strategic partner embarks on such a front, it's tobacco!

In the sensational interview Handelsblatt, German Chancellor Angela Merkel did not spare the feelings of a well-known nation that has bothered the whole world with its messianism.

America ... emerged victorious from the Cold War, as a result of which the Soviet system collapsed ... However, from this victorious procession of freedom a new global balance of forces arose. China has grown stronger, and in Africa and Europe many countries suddenly wanted independence ... Now the American soul is hurt by the fact that the United States has deteriorated relatively and China is rising at the same time
Moreover, China has already surpassed the US in economic power, if measured in dollars in terms of PPP.

And unlike the Americans, the Germans, who survived two national catastrophes in the 20th century, do not make a special tragedy out of the Chinese superiority. Again the word frau chancellor.

For example, for the Chinese president ... the growing economic, military and geopolitical role of China is simply a return to normal. For the past two thousand years, China, with the exception of a couple of centuries, has always been ahead of everyone.

And here is an illustration of that.

Despite all the conventionality of historical data for the early Middle Ages, the basic dynamics is still understandable. Undermine the Chinese power - and then for a time - could opium wars and internal conflicts. Although there is a good chance that the Chinese have learned those lessons well ...

With such dynamics, the United States still has a considerable chance to gain a foothold in the global division of labor as a global center for R & D. However, there can be no question of a world hegemon, a world policeman, or world authority. It's not too long to wait for this, according to forecasts.

But, perhaps, at the last moment the States will throw out any new trump card completely unexpectedly? And what, do you think?

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