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About conscience

Abba Dorofey

- When God created man, He invested in him something Divine, some kind of thought, having in him, like a spark, both light and warmth; A thought that enlightens the mind and shows him that what is good and what is evil - this is called a conscience, and it is a natural law. Following this law, that is conscience, the patriarchs and all the saints of the law that was written before pleased God.

- So, we will try to keep our conscience while we are in this world, we will not allow it to denounce us in any matter; we will not trample on it in any way, even if it were the smallest. Know that from neglect of this small and in fact insignificant, we pass to the disregard of the great. For if one starts to say: "What is the importance, if I say this word? what is the importance if I look at this or that thing? "From this -" what is the importance of being important in another? "- he falls into a bad skill and begins to disregard the great and important, and trample on his conscience, and thus, dying in evil, is in danger of coming and being completely insensible.

- First of all, let us all keep our conscience in everything: in relation to God, neighbor and things - and before we say or do anything, we will test whether it is according to the will of God, and then, after praying, we will say or do this and We will tell our weakness before God, and His goodness will help us in everything.

Rev. Nicodemus of the Holy Virgin

"By every kind of keeping, keep your brother's conscience clean, in thought, in words and in deeds, so that she will always be impeccable and never condemn and never gnaw at you for anything. If you do this, it will acquire great power in you both in your inner and outer actions, and, becoming a mistress over everything, will become good to rule your life. Clean conscience and your life will make impeccable, for then it will be sensitive and strong for good against evil. It is the law that God inscribed in the hearts of people, in the illumination of their ways and in the leadership in everything that is dignified, as the apostle Paul teaches, calling it a deed legitimate, written in hearts (Rome. 2: 15); Based on what, St.. Neil gives this to everyone a lesson: in all your works, as a lamp, use the guidance of conscience.

- In four respects, you have to maintain your conscience with the impeccable: 1) in relation to God, 2) to yourself, 3) to the neighbors and 4) to all the things that you have in your hands.

- All this is known; I remind you, however, you are the most important. In relation to God, remain in the memory of God and walk in the presence of God; Acknowledge yourself to be worn and kept by the power of God and led to the end for which He called you to being; And devote yourself and all yourselves to the service of God and to the glory of His name; In him live, trust in him, and give him your lot, both temporal and eternal.

- In regard to yourself, be fair to yourself and each part of your nature, give due: your spirit, who is looking for the God of heaven and eternal, may rule over the soul and body, whose purpose is to arrange a temporary life; the soul, submitting to the inspiration of the spirit, and the mind, and bowing to the revealed truth, and it illuminates the whole field of its conduct: let it keep the will of the commandments of God in the orders of God, not allowing it, in opposition to them, to evade its lusts, and let the heart find the taste only in the things of the divine and in that which bears imprints and serves as an expression of the divine, and in this spirit, conducts its affairs and ordinances of life and society; let the body do the right thing and, observing strict strictness in this, have the law - never in anything the flesh of the land do not create in lust (Rome. 13: 14). Keeping this, you will be a good ruler of yourself, and a true benefactor.

- In regard to the neighbors, - honor all, as the images of God, to all the benevolent and pardonable in strength; Before everyone be humble and please everyone within the limits of goodness, rejoice with those who rejoice and afflict the grieving, condemn no one and do not despise, even in thought and feeling, from those who seek counsel and admonition, do not hide the truth when you know; Do not ever impose yourself on the teacher, in the best way, do peace and harmony with all, willingly for all kinds of sacrifices on your part, and avoid all the temptations of anyone.

- In relation to things, - respectfully treat everyone as the creations of God; Which God gives you for possession - keep and use for the glory of God: be happy with all their desires and thank them for God, do not attach yourself to anything and look at everything as to ways and tools external, to freely dispose of them and not have a connection And the obstacles in your good endeavors, do not allow yourself to rest on them, like on fragile supports, do not boast of your own, do not envy the stranger, do not be stingy and do not be a wasteful person for good.

- All these things to perform every day in one way or another, almost at every step If you live so well; You will have good conscience too, imitating St. Ap. Paul (Heb. 13: 18).

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