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About how much we care about the body and how little about the soul

The Gospel says:Kai ba favor to man, if he acquires peace all, and picks up his soul?(Mark 8: 36). That's how precious the human soul is! It is more expensive than the whole world, with all its treasures and goods. But it's terrible to think how little we understand the dignity of our immortal soul. On the body, this dwelling of worms, this crooked [14] coffin, all our thoughts turn from morning till night, and the only immortal thought turns to the immortal soul, the most precious and most beloved creation of God, to the image of His glory and greatness . The most blossoming years of our life are devoted to the service of the body, and to the eternal salvation of the soul - only the last minutes of decrepit old age. The body revels daily, like the feast of a rich man, with full bowls and delicious dishes; and the soul barely collects the crumbs of the Divine word on the threshold of the house of God. A negligible body is washed, dressed, cleaned, decorated with all the treasures of nature and art; but the dear soul, the bride of Jesus Christ, the heiress of heaven, wanders in a weary step, clothed in the clothes of a wretched wanderer, without charity.

The body does not tolerate a single spot on the face, no impurities on the hands, no patches on the clothes; And the soul, covered with filth from head to foot, only does what passes from one sinful form to another, and by his annual, but often hypocritical confession, only multiplies patches on his clothing, and does not renew it.

For the well-being of the body, various kinds of fun and pleasure are required; It often exhausts whole families, for him people are sometimes ready to work of every kind; And the poor soul barely has one hour on Sundays to listen to the Divine Liturgy, barely a few minutes for morning and evening prayer, forcibly collects a handful of copper coins for charity giving, and is pleased when she expresses with a cold sigh the memory of death.

For health and preservation of the body change the air and housing, call the most skillful and remote doctors, refrain from food and drink, take the most bitter medicines, allow themselves and burn and cut; But for the health of the soul, to avoid temptations, to remove from the sinful infection they do not make a single step, but remain in the same air, in the same bad society, in the same vicious house, and do not seek any physician of souls, or Elect a doctor unfamiliar and inexperienced, and hide before him what is already known to heaven and hell, and what they boast in societies.

When the body dies, then sorrow and despair are heard; And when the soul dies of mortal sin, then often they do not think about it.

So we do not know the dignity of our soul, and, like Adam and Eve, we give our soul for the red fruit in appearance.

Why do not we, at least, weep, like Adam and Eve? The weeping of those who lost their soul must be more grievous than the lamentation of Jeremiah, who, crying for the calamities of the fatherland, cried out:Who will give my head water and strip my source of tears?(Jer. 9: 1).

We, for the most part, care about obtaining benefits, but, unfortunately, often earthly and temporal, and not heavenly.

We forget that the earthly goods are transient and irresistible, while the blessings of heaven are eternal, infinite and inalienable.

All-good Lord! Help us to despise everything that passes quickly, and to take care of the one for the salvation of our souls.

A source: CypLIVE

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