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On the exit from the EU are beginning to worry even the Poles

In Poland, published a petition for withdrawal from the EU. Until now, such sentiments in the country was not at all, but now suddenly flared up the debate about the pros and cons of staying in the EU. The authors of the petition criticized Brussels' anti-Christian values. " What was the impetus for the debate and how widespread euroscepticism in Poland?

As reported on the eve of Polish cultural center in Kaliningrad, on the site petycjeonline.com over 7,5 thousand people signed the appeal to the president Andrzej Dude announce a referendum on Poland's exit from the European Union, repeating Brexit scenario.

The authors of the petition are dissatisfied with "anti-Christian values ​​of Western Europeans," but the main reason - the attempt to impose their reception of refugees from Africa and the Middle East. How to complain about the authors of the petition, the European Union promotes the "perversion and murder of unborn children," and euthanasia. In addition, the EU anti-democratic because MEPs do not have the real power, but the real rulers are not elected by direct popular vote.

Brussels "produces thousands of idiotic directives"

"The EU has not solved any of the main problems of Poland, but, on the contrary, has led to the fall and slow death of our state," the news portal "News from Poland" quotes. According to the authors of the petition, the European Union led to the destruction of Polish agriculture, fishing, and also opened the possibility of buying land by foreign capital. In addition, the authors of the petition assert that "the EU continuously publishes thousands of idiotic directives binding on Poland," and "introduces hundreds of hypermarkets to the country," which raises prices and taxes while reducing the incomes of Poles.

Writers are extremely concerned about the plans to destroy the European structures through the coal industry, as well as cases of interference in the internal affairs of European bureaucrats in Warsaw, said "Parliamentary newspaper".

Polish political scientist Yakub Koreyba told the newspaper VIEW, until recently in Poland Euroskeptic been marginalized lot. According to him, since the country's accession to the EU of such people was not enough, and in the past ten-odd years they had no weighty arguments.

"But, for example, last Thursday in the Polish Euro-skeptics such an argument emerged. Previously, membership in the European Union was fraught with negative consequences for other countries, which Poland did not touch, but on Thursday the head of the European Council re-elected Donald Tusk ignored the will of our sovereign government, and this has caused a wave of indignation "- he explained.

Of course, the expert believes, to 2020 years no chance to withdraw from the EU Poland has not, but it Tusk's re-election was the beginning of a large-scale debate on the pros and cons of staying in Poland to the EU. The expert does not expect the ruling party "Law and Justice" will be in the foreseeable future to flirt with such ideas.

"Let me remind you that the Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski himself party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that Poland does not want to leave the EU, but only to reform this organization. The ruling party will attempt to change the order of decision-making in the European Union ", - explained the analyst. At the same time, if you make these changes do not succeed, then perhaps, in his opinion, in the future Warsaw reconsider the nature of its own participation in this organization.

But earlier, the expert noted that a petition demanding the release of the EU in Poland does not appear. "About 80% of the population supports the country's membership in the EU, but in recent years because of the crisis the number of migrants from eurosceptics in Poland has increased", - he admitted.

Recall that in March 9 Poland was the only country that did not support Tusk in the elections of the Council of Europe. In protest, Poland refused to sign the final documents of the EU summit. According to Warsaw, Tusk at the head of the Council of Europe not to "promote" the interests of their own country. In addition, the Polish prosecutor's office he is suspected of collaboration with the FSB.

"Eurosceptics pushed out of the political field"

"Representatives of the ruling party are offended by the EU for the fact that in the European Council supported Tusk, in fact, ignored the will of Warsaw, thereby hit European solidarity", - said the president of the Institute and the newest states Alexei Martynov.

However, in Poland, as in other EU countries, there are skeptics, and the petition is evidence of this. There has always been enough eurosceptics in the opposition parties, but they are not represented in the legal field. "Past the year before parliamentary and presidential elections were not allowed either right or left-wing opposition to the authorities", - said political analyst VIEW newspaper.

All the real opposition - Eurosceptics as a right-wing conservative and left-wing social-democratic - in Poland artificially forced into a marginal position, said Martynov. "It was the result of subtle manipulation to win the party" Law and Justice "helped the American spin doctors", - the expert believes.

"With the coming to power of President Andrzej Duda intensified repressive apparatus. In this country, an EU member, has a formal political prisoners - just a number of politicians who stood on the positions of euroscepticism and the speakers for the friendship with Russia. Suffice it to recall who was arrested last year on charges of spying for the Russian political scientist, former deputy Sejm Mateusz Piskorski, who now sits in a prison in Warsaw. Here he is a eurosceptic "- summed up Martynov.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Golobokov

Tags: Poland, Politics, EU referendum Analytics