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About the high culture of the American army

About the high culture of the American army

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73 years ago, 13 June 1944, the American press told the world that a prominent fighter against communism, a Democrat, a member of the US House of Representatives from Pennsylvania, Francis Eugene Walter, presented US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with a clerical knife.

"Also a gift for me" - you say, but there was one nuance - the material for its manufacture was a bone from the hand of a Japanese soldier. This knife congressman Walter accompanied apologies for the fact that "he can only acquaint the President with such a small part of the Japanese anatomy." Roosevelt received a present from a party member and said that he was "pleased to receive such gifts."

True, a few weeks later the owner of the White House still returned the congressman his knife and recommended to bury. They say the hype in the press and all the cases, and they are not wild republicans, but decent democrats.

But however, if the US President allowed himself such liberties, then it is not difficult to imagine what ordinary employees, as Barack Obama put it, were doing, "the most powerful army in the world", well, it's after the Ukrainian leadership.

An American soldier, going to war, often promised his family and friends the head of a Japanese militarist.

The Japanese were chopped off the head, then boiled for several hours in a cauldron to separate skin and other tissues from bones, then, for polishing, skulls were put on the net and towed for weeks in the ocean.

When about the passage of 30 years after the end of the war, the Japanese authorities began exhuming the corpses of their soldiers in Papua New Guinea, then suddenly it turned out that 2 / 3 (sic) of them without a head.

No, you do not think that I'm defending the Japanese, I know what they did atrocities, I read about ritual cannibalism, the Nanking massacre, about the detachments 731, 516, 100. But if a dog is barking at someone, a normal person, if necessary, takes a stick or a stone, but he definitely does not fall on all fours in the mud and do not become like a barking dog.

Here you can imagine that someone from the Supreme Soviet of the USSR gave Joseph Vissarionovich a smoking pipe, for example, from the bones of a German soldier, no? You ask your ancestors, can the old man bring the skull of the German, the Italians, the Romanian from the war? No? Do not like Europeans? Well, our ancestors were devastated by the same Quantum army for three and a half weeks, so yes, the noise was noisy. Up to 100 thousand corpses, 600 thousand prisoners, I do not want to take skulls.

What do you think, if every such "poor Yorik" were kept in each of our families, maybe our "partners" would not have rewritten the history of that war, did not write tales of millions of raped people, did not build new plans? It is true that we would cease to be Russian after this.

Source of the handshake and in the anti-Mongolian language "Trophies of War: US Troops and the Mutilation of the Japanese War Dead, 1941-1945"

Author's comment:

For contrast, an example of the unworthy behavior of a Soviet soldier, whom we have only recently reproached. Until recently, it was the most terrible thing that they could show in the dispute.

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