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Defense and dialogue: NATO summit agreed a position on Russia

Defense and dialogue: NATO summit agreed a position on Russia

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The two-day NATO summit ended Saturday in Warsaw. Leaders of the States Parties agreed to extend the non-combat mission in Afghanistan, to use aircraft with AWACS airborne early warning system, to be used in operations against terrorists without entering the territory of Syria and Iraq, and also adopted a package of measures in support of Ukraine.

They also agreed on a common position with regard to Russia, the basis of which - defense and dialogue.

Not against Russia

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, referring to the results of last night before an informal dinner of heads of state and government, to discuss relations with Russia, said that relations with Moscow will be based "on defense and dialogue." Moreover, the statement of the leaders of the member countries of the Alliance noted that NATO is committed to a constructive relationship with Russia, but makes them dependent on Moscow's actions.

The fact that the decisions of the summit are not directed against Russia, not threaten it, and coherence between Moscow and Brussels remain extremely important, we have found it necessary to emphasize in their speeches European leaders.

"I speak on behalf of France, to say that we are in a relationship with Russia must be firm when necessary, and it was necessary, and at the same time to engage in dialogue. The hardness allows dialogue, and dialogue helps find solutions. It is important to show to the beginning of the summit that we are not a threat, that the alliance does not take an aggressive stance that the alliance has no enemies, but we need to provide their own defense, "-., told reporters the president of France, Francois Hollande.

"Passing here the summit is not directed against anyone. Some journalists created the impression that this summit against Russia. It's just a summit of NATO members, to show that we are united in solidarity and work together. This is not a summit against someone, the purpose of not the case, "- he said the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Ksave Bettel.

"I think that it is mutually beneficial, as it happens, for example, in Syria, as a result of agreements between the United States and Russia that NATO and Russia are also very closely coordinate their actions", - said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The head of the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters that he expected the resumption of "a long and serious dialogue" with Moscow, and in the near future - in the NATO-Russia Council, which will meet in Brussels on July 13. He added that the conversation is likely, "will not be easy", but hopes that in the course of it will be raised and the issues that "may possibly lead to discharge."

Obama and Poles together

In fact, the emphasis on the hostility of Russia made by representatives of the Polish authorities - as mentioned, and US President Barack Obama. In particular, the US leader described as "Russia's actions in Ukraine among the main threats faced by NATO," adding that the alliance will not restore its relations with Moscow in full up to the implementation of the Minsk-2.

The latter condition is required for the lifting of sanctions with Russia, it said in a statement issued after a meeting of leaders of the "big five" NATO summit on the fields.

Polish representatives and do not spare black paint: Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski called the actions of Moscow's "imperial and hostile" and the Ministry of Defence Anthony Macherevich head compared the current situation in Europe with 20-years of the last century, when the "Poland recorded attempt to Bolshevik Russia to take over Europe" .

Mission in Afghanistan

NATO in the coming months will determine the level of forces that will remain in Afghanistan after the year 2016, Stoltenberg said. The fact that non-combat mission in Afghanistan will be extended, said in his speech, Chancellor Merkel said, adding that "very satisfied" with the results of the summit on this topic.

The coalition led by NATO completed its combat mission in Afghanistan in December 31 2014 years. On January 1 2015, the alliance launched the country's new non-military part of the operation in 12 thousand soldiers, whose tasks include training and counseling of the Afghan security forces.

NATO pledged to support the financing of the army and the Afghan police to 2020 years at the current level - about 5 billion dollars a year, Stoltenberg said.

In addition, summit participants pointed to the need "talks with the movement" Taliban "to bring a political solution," Merkel said, adding that the situation in the country remains a "poor," which, in turn, provokes a relatively high and stable flow of refugees from Afghanistan to Germany.

Education, not invasion

Reiterating that training of local forces is significantly more effective in the long run than the deployment of NATO troops, Stoltenberg said Saturday the decision of the Alliance to train Iraqi forces in their homeland.

The Secretary General said that soon in Baghdad will start working team of instructors, which "will provide strategic advice and to ensure the reform of the security and defense sector." According to him, to allocate a small group of trainers has offered Albania.

Earlier, Iraqi officers training took place only in Jordan.

Planes NATO against IG

Leaders of NATO member countries have decided to use planes equipped with AWACS system, to assist the coalition in the fight against the terrorist group "Islamic state" (IG, banned in Russia).

"We decided to provide direct support to the coalition against IG We have agreed that the AWACS airborne early warning system will directly support the coalition forces." - NATO Secretary General said.

He added that the aircraft will move in the international and Turkish airspace, which will allow to monitor the territory of Iraq and Syria.

Ukraine will continue reforms

The final event of the summit was the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission, during which has been approved aid package to Kiev. A set of measures, as a whole, has a consultative nature. As explained Stoltenberg, he would "make a defense and security institutions of Ukraine more effective and accountable." Unlike the previous set of measures is not immediately visible, because the trust funds established at the last summit in Wales, are already helping Ukraine in the field of cyber defense, logistics and medical rehabilitation of wounded soldiers.

Now, Ukraine and NATO are going to work in the sphere of combating the threats of improvised explosive devices, and hybrid war. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the packet assumes "consolidated financial and practical assistance in 40 areas, mainly related to the defense capability of Ukraine, the security sector and defense sector." He also said that "the number of NATO advisers in the Ukraine will be increased for the proper coordination of these activities, including a special coordinator be appointed."

In Kiev, in general, NATO partners have not called any other way, as the "real friends", but Poroshenko assured that the membership in the alliance of speech does not go yet, because there is so much to be done in terms of reform.

"We will continue to pursue a comprehensive reform in the area of ​​defense and security, as well as the armed forces in order to conform to NATO standards to achieve the operational interaction with NATO forces", - assured Poroshenko.

And only then, according to him, the question of accession to the alliance will decide himself the Ukrainian people. While the Ukrainians rather inclined to answer "no": Poroshenko said that among the citizens of Ukraine the number of supporters of membership in NATO still makes 23%, but in the past there were only 13%, so on the face of the "real result of changes in society."

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