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Public opinion: We have lost a loved one

Diplomats and journalists to discuss the death of Vitaly Churkin.

Maria Zakharova, director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Today in New York, died Vitaly Churkin. Tomorrow he would be 65 years. Great diplomat. Extraordinary personality. Bright people. We have lost a loved one.

Konstantin Kosachev, head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs:

The position of the representative of the United Nations - one of the highest and most responsible positions in the diplomatic service of any state. But for our country as a nation - a permanent member of the Security Council, it is also the mission of global scale and global responsibility.

I have often worked side by side, along with Vitaly Ivanovich, always amazed at his composure and endurance, wondering how he manages it. Now I understand how - through the soul and through the heart, sparing neither time nor health.

In recent years, it is no exaggeration was on the front line, on the most advanced, first taking the blows directed against Russia, but without missing any of them.

Samantha Power, Former US ambassador to the UN: desolate news of the death of the Russian ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin. The master of diplomacy and profoundly indifferent person, do everything possible to overcome the differences between the US and Russia.

Matthew RAYKROF, Permanent representative to the UN, UK: Absolutely devastated when he heard that the death of my friend and colleague Vitaly Churkin. Giant diplomacy and amazing personality.

Peter AKOPOV, columnist GLANCE:The death of the ambassador at his post - a very rare thing. And we have so happened that is the third ambassador two months. The day before his 65-anniversary.

Roman SAPONKOV, war correspondent: The Russian dip. housing recently loss for loss. Charles - 19 DecemberStupishin- 22 DecemberKadakin- 26 January Churkin - 20 February.

Egor Kholmogorov, publicist:Churkin For me, first of all, his speech at the Security Council in August 10 2008, when only send peace enforcement. And a sleepless night 10 / 11 August, when I did with her voice deciphered.

And he was a real hero, that it said, and somehow our audience believe in ourselves, in what we are right, in that serious, and that the Americans were not bombed us for it, and we will give the date.

He then was a true hero.

And on permanent diplomatic war that began with 2014 years, he proved to be a very even. I have not always liked, arguments could pick pouboyney. But Churkin has always been a good-looking and drive. And the truth is - burned at work.

Andrei Babitsky, journalistI remember how in 2014, when blood ran under the skin of what is happening in the Donbas - and I have lived in Prague and finished the last months on the Radio "Liberty" - I did not save the feeling of utter hopelessness of any Russian media, nor sufficiently accurate statements Putin.

I remember when I hang out in impotent rage as dizzy from the statements of Western politicians vying to support the actions of the Ukrainian government has already started the grinder in the Donbass.

And just remember that let go for a moment, as I watched performances Churkin - clear, beautiful, undiplomatic, uncompromising, that killing people was called by its name.

Cyril Benedict writer, chief editor of "Russian Idea»: I was lucky to get acquainted with Vitaly Ivanovich in far 1995, during the Bosnian war. I can say one thing - if our Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not one Churkin, and at least ten, the world around us would be different.

Alexander DYUKOV historian:Vitaly Churkin died not just in his post.

He died so early is because I was standing in this position, taking care of all the hatred and lies, which was addressed to our country.

If he had not stood there, in the UN, defending our country, he would have lived for another fifteen or twenty years. But he was there, and it was his conscious choice.

It was a hero who sacrificed himself. Defending us.

Sergey Zelenin, the blogger:Generally death Churkin at a time is very sensitive for us. Even if he really died of natural causes (the work he still was nervous and tear - about 11 years he worked there) - it is a big blow for us and great damage.

You can not also rule out the version with the murder - as revenge on the part of all this globalist scum.

In any case, it is now very difficult for us - because really need to look for a replacement. Just at the moment when it is important to somehow build a new relationship with the United States.

Alexei Kupriyanov, "World" section editor Lenta.ruWe did not know, never seen. Many of the VI heard (in dipsrede news travels fast), the good orders of magnitude more than the bad. No need to come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories, it's just very hard and very, very stressful job, where people always go on the verge of heart attack and stroke.

Ramil ZAMDYHANOV journalist: Vitaliy Churkin's death caused another jubilation "on that side". But can we expect anything different from primitive communities? "The enemy is dead. Let's Dance. Call the shaman. "

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