Today: January 18 2019
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Public transport in Greece goes to e-tickets

Public transport in Greece goes to e-tickets

Tags: Greece, Transportation

In Greece, from the end of September, payment for public transport will be carried out through electronic tickets.

From the end of the month the e-ticket will operate in buses, and from the first of October - in the metro, tram, trolley buses and electric trains.

Special turnstiles and scanners are installed in vehicles for the implementation of automated fare payment systems. Pay for the trip can be a special electronic card, which will store information about the owner. New cards will replace old tickets and tickets.

Thus, in the near future payment for travel in public transport will be automated.

The electronic ticket will be calculated for an unlimited number of trips. Every time when entering public transport, the passenger must attach the card to the validator.

It is worth noting that the first time to pay the fare can be and the old system.

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