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Announced the final results of presidential elections in France

According to the results of counting 100% of ballots in the second round of presidential elections in France beats leader of the movement "Forward" Emmanuel Macron, the Interior Ministry reported.

He scored 66,06% of votes (20,7 million voters), leader of the "National Front" Marine Le Pen - 33,94% of votes (10,6 million voters), transfersTASS.

6,33% (3 million) left blank ballots, 2,24% of ballots (1,06 million) were declared invalid.

Recall, Le Pen has recognized Makron victory, vowing to continue the fight in June, when France will hold parliamentary elections.

Macron turned to Le Pen with a "republican greeting" and said that he would make every effort to have it left voters reasons "to vote for the extreme positions."

Macron during the day will leave the post of head of the movement "Forward."

A source: LOOK

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