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The final solution of the Russian question in the Baltic States

The final solution of the Russian question in the Baltic States

Tags: Opinions, the Baltic States, Russia, the West, Ukraine

Atomized, disunited, rapidly dwindling Russian community in the Baltic countries, of course, poses no threat to any local ethnocratic modes, either for their Anglo-Saxon masters. And it is well aware of and in Langley and at the Pentagon and at NATO Headquarters. But there is one fundamental, however ...

Yanukovych also does not represent any danger for the West. It was predictable as the seasons change and operate as radio model transformer. And certainly not dangerous either for the West or for the oligarchy nor to nationalist movements in Ukraine itself. President Teddy, teddy representing the electorate, but it turns out, in that capacity, he and his handy "our Western partners to the Potomac."

They, the "partners", through selfish goals and pragmatic. Routine, everyday, twice povtorёnnye for last 100 years - to embroil, knock heads together and then exemplary rob their old backup wallets - Europe and Russia, and to kill these two birds with partners would like a single shot, which dramatically increases profitability and reduces the need for that explain-or Aboriginal.

Here in the role of the live-bait, which was going to catch a bear, and was used by the restless plush "dictator Yanyk," exemplary punishment which, as well as over the Russian population of Ukraine, had to work like a bait and a fuse, after which Russia simply had to to cling to Europe, as a result of which the supply of EU-RF hydrocarbons was to be cut off, the budgets of the Russian Federation and the EU covered with copper basins, and Europe itself had to fall to the feet of the Empire of a good apple by signing it under any extortionate partner Skim agreements, such as TTIP and the like. Did not work out...

BHA Ukraine, however, found a cut diamond. Russia, too, behaved outrageously pragmatically, sending fuck all immodest proposals to intervene formally and mirror your favorite game "our Western partners" in "a peacock-mavlin this?" and "this is not your tooth, and not even my tooth is now his tooth ..."

Carefully rehearsed and prepared hysterical "partners" about "the invasion of Russian-terrorist forces" demonstrated the presence of a well-prepared trap that was there, but not yet caught Russia beating today, not only for themselves but also for the whole of Europe, not in spite of her desperate resistance, and the glory of attempted suicides Federal Reserve immediately.

However, "our western partners" are not such as to immediately abandon this way of intentions, the more that choice that they have is small - or rob others or go bankrupt themselves. And that means - they will try again and again, and all this unhealthy information noise around the Baltic, which is also, you know, costs money, brings some assumptions, the first of which is: this "ju" is no accident.

The final solution of the Russian question in the Baltic States

"The world on the brink of nuclear war. I vote for the continuation of NATO's operations in Latvia. We need to expel Russian from the Baltic states! "(British Air Force calls the film - provocation "third world" ...)

To think that only stupidity and fun for the Air Force launched a film - provocation to attack Russia to Latvia certainly nice, but lightly. To suggest that this all and end - naive and stupid.

That, as far as "HA" ulterior motive, it becomes clear just a few days after a controversial British show, during which:

- Minister of Culture of Latvia Latvians Melbarde complained disloyal to Russian citizens
- Minister "warmed up", recalling in whom local Russian will shoot in case of conflict with Russia
- Socio-active young Nazi-MP from the ruling coalition - Janis Dombrava under ovation cover public
He proposed to "throw" the Russian ambassador to Latvia
- Grains of Wrath "fell manured soil - Latvian network segment exploded different wishes and suggestions of the final solution of the Russian question the most ardent nationalists demand to immediately resume.
petition for eviction in Russian ghettos.

In short, everything is exactly as it was said in bibisishnom film, where in one place at one time has a critical mass of participants interested to continuation followed, and therefore need to really look at Big Brother plans and soberly assess the situation and the balance of power.

What we have?

One side:

American Expeditionary Force - about 4 000 bayonets having 400 units of various armored vehicles

Local Cover nationalists united in 18 battalions "National Guard", a fully-equipped and armed by the state land forces

Sami VS Latvia - about 5 000 people ...

On the other hand:

Half a million civilians adept in recent years 25 litigation with the national authorities, bruised, experienced in matters of legal protection of their rights and freedoms, but it is not ready for force scenario, when Roman law ends and begins right of the strongest.

NATO troops, nor composition, nor the armament, of course, in any way, and never intended for a military confrontation with even one of the Pskov division, but - according to the authors prokta - to provide "order" during the "final solution of the Russian question", it should be more than enough.

However, after Ukraine, the project authors quite rightly believe that Russia, which in the territory of Latvia there is absolutely no economic interests, react to impending ethnic cleansing of the most indifferent, limiting the expression of concern by the Foreign Ministry channels and noisy media public relations policy of the company, specializing in " scrapie ". That is, in real life, "our Western partners" do not rely on the reaction of Russia, which has been shown by them in the British show. Reaction is not calculated, but do not intend to retreat.

Especially because the Baltic nationalists already seems bit between their teeth. They, too, nowhere to retreat. They need to somehow explain to their own people own economic "progress." They urgently need a force majeure, which will write off all their arts of looting their own countries and the crimes against its own population.

Rate the statements of only one of the Baltic Nazi only under one of my memo after 9 May:

"Unas Great Lithuanian Reconquista is in full hodom.Esli in Riga, say, 150 000 9 Muscovites stamped May in Vilnius a couple of hundred starikanov and babus with granddaughters, looking around the corners, making their way ...
And our security services "took them on a note" ... :)

In general, obviously we'll have to help their brothers Latvians ... "

"The Rise of the Great Lithuanian
opened a free way by the German armies in the East - and the simultaneous uprising of Lithuanian parts at the front helped Panzer Division quickly surround and capture several million portyanochnikov Bolshevik troops.

PS Not a single Sov-moskalskom history book you will not find the historical fact that the Lithuanian Government 23 1941 of June to announce a war shovel.
It was a decent Lithuanian "reply horse" barbaric Asiatic hordes of Bolsheviks - over 350 thousand krasnozhopyh warriors, flooded Lithuanian Power to summer 1940 years.
Unfortunately, the absolute stupidity of the great-imperial Hitler did not allow him to estimate correctly what is happening, and he lost a lot of allies when ordered to dissolve the Government of Lithuania and the Lithuanian Army. "

"Those portyanochniki - mountain warriors - had long since rotted ...
Now the new it multiplied - and clearly it's time to nail them, and that it is very brazen, rising from his knees ... :) "

By the way, the interests of the Baltic Nazi territory of the Baltic states is not limited to:

"- First, Pskov - a primordial historical land not Muscovites, and not even Slavs But you it obviously do not know and will likely even know do not want PS If I'm wrong, and you know, then I'm sorry... ..
- Secondly, the Latvians there performed their holy international duty for the common struggle of all the oppressed peoples of the red commune - local people were released from Bolshevik oppression and saved this land from the communist yoke ".

And now you know why I believe that the Baltic Nazis. Taught Jewish survivors of the Holocaust - REMEMBER FOREVER - if someone somewhere promises to kill you - BELIEVE THEM ...

In these conditions, when there is nowhere to evacuate so many people, and there is no one to evacuate, and the power confrontation of the civilian population with the military is unlikely to be highly effective, the only acceptable strategy will be an attempt to prevent cleaning quickly and noiselessly, to tighten, as far as possible, its active phase and the process itself is maximally noisy and vowel. Then there is the hope to play on the contradictions of various political forces within the Euro-space itself, to provoke a split among politicians making decisions, and if not to cancel, at least to slow down the "final solution of the Russian question"

So now, all the work should be concentrated in the commissioning and test the effectiveness of informal channels of communication, networking, coordination of geographically distributed. It helps, by the way, in these matters, an American invention - multi level street market - thank you Yankees, anything your handy ...

Sergei Vasiliev
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