Today: November 13 2018
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"They hate us": how the prisons of France bring up Islamists

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Statistics of European prisons show: after the arrest, radical Islamists seldom lay down their arms. Behind the bars in France, Britain, Belgium and Germany, former supporters of the IG * and Al-Qaeda * are waiting for their own. In detention centers, active Islamist propaganda is being conducted, aimed at young criminals. New arrivals are taken into custody and converted into jihadists. In France, the situation is particularly explosive: even the jailers, outraged by the established order, announced a protest. Details - in the material of RIA Novosti.

Behind the bars explained how to believe

The prisons of the European Union and the United States have long been transformed into one of the main personnel reserves of jihadists. Many leaders of the struggle against the infidels, including the "Caliph" IG * Al-Baghdadi, went through the penitentiary system of Western countries. Often those who did not adhere to radical views acquired them in prison. According to the British International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Politically Motivated Violence, every sixth Islamic radical of the EU has formed its convictions in captivity. And they started like ordinary criminals.

Radicalization in prisons is accompanied by the connivance of the law enforcement system: Islamists are softened by the regime of detention if they think that they behave sensibly. Criminals are using indulgence to develop secret activities: imprisonment of Imam extremists, books about hatred of infidels and even weapons. In October, France learned of the blatant case: two prisoners were preparing a terrorist attack, which they intended to commit, leaving on freedom.

In January 2018, a soft attitude towards dangerous prisoners caused an outburst of indignation among employees of French prisons. A week ago, terrorist Islamist Christian Hancharski attacked three security guards at the Vanden-le-Vieu penal institution. As it turned out later, the Islamist was preliminarily softened by the regime of detention.

Attacks continued this week: seven guards were injured in the prison of Mont-de-Marsan, another of their colleagues suffered in the dungeons of Tarascon. The attackers are radical Muslims. Having united, the prison officers staged: they blocked most of the places of detention in the country. The protesters said they did not intend to "risk their lives for the salary in 1500 euros."

"In the prison of Fleury-Meroji, people with radical views are imprisoned, and I will not hide from you that this is a very difficult situation. It is dangerous for us to be close to prisoners for whom we incarnate what they hate, for whom we are enemies for they theoretically have the potential to harm us.Today, our prisons and legislation are not adapted to the content of such prisoners, and the problem is that there will be more such prisoners, as people come back from Syria and they are extremely dangerous, Sputnik France said one of the protesters.

"Come to us, yet an unbeliever, we will give you a job"

Even behind bars, supporters of the IG * continue to feel behind themselves the ramified organization of Islamic radicals. Extremist propaganda in prison begins with the offer of help. The prisoners deprived of life guidelines promise the support of "charitable" extremist organizations after their release. The non-religious criminals are converted to Islam, promising them work in a humanitarian fund, often fueled from Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Worse: after liberation, the promised "work", often frankly illegal, really is.

In the secrets of extremist propaganda journalists of the Belgian edition La Libre, who interviewed Muslim prisoners, were able to penetrate. "Prison is a hostile world, very closed, where you are always lonely, where you risk being attacked or extorted from all sides." When young guys, often teenagers without a livelihood, go to jail, they are taken under the wing by a group of criminals. money (for example, to buy food) and at some point advises: it would be good if you accepted our faith, "the eyewitness newspaper quotes.

A special role in prison is played by the self-proclaimed clergy. Criminals with the Koran in their hands call themselves imams and conduct collective prayers. Then it is often said that "official" representatives of Islam are hired agents of the state, so they should not be trusted.

"They threaten those who refuse to accept Islam"

In a conversation with RIA Novosti, a member of the Bureau of the Republican Party in Moscow, Kantan Varkruiss, confirmed the seriousness of the problems in the prisons of France. "The main difficulty, in my opinion, is money, the risks associated with security are growing, and the budget of the penitentiary institutions is not." The prisons are overfilled by 150 percent. "Traffic of all sorts flourishes in places of detention." The cameras regularly find weapons. for the decision taken under President Socialist François Ollande: it is almost impossible to search prisoners, "the politician said.

He considers typical the case of terrorist Amedi Kulibali, who shot in June 2015 visitors to the Jewish store Hyper Kasher near Paris, and before that radicalized in prison. "Often Islamists are held together with the rest of the prisoners, which is very bad, the same reason is that there is not enough funding, it is necessary to create new separate places for such people, they should be isolated from the rest." It was proved that in some prisons prisoners were threatened after they refused to accept Islam, "- emphasizes Vercruiss.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.

As a result of the protests of the jailers in France, Fresna's prison has been blocked. 19 January 2018

Igor Gashkov
RIA News
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