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"Dangerous, and unscrupulous people" angered Putin

Vladimir Putin's statement about the concern felt by Moscow, means that Russia is tightening its attitude towards the internal political crisis in the United States. We have come close to the point at which the issue of antirosssiyskoy and antitrampovskoy campaign, which is considered an internal US affair, you can declare a concern to the entire international community.

"We see that in the United States develops political schizophrenia" - so Vladimir Putin at a press conference after talks with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni he described the latest round antitrampovskoy hysteria in the United States. And he added: "Anything else I can not explain the accusations against the president that he gave Lavrov any secrets." And as if more was not joking remarks about the president of Russia, he was made head of the Foreign Ministry for the fact that he had not shared with him the secrets of the US, the tone and the meaning of what was said then was more than serious:

"In the beginning, we've looked at, when this process of internal political struggle developed, we were funny. Today it is not only sad, it is of concern to us, because until then can still think of the people who generate such nonsense, such nonsense, it is difficult to imagine.

All this is done on the basis of incitement to anti-Russian sentiments ... I, you know, what surprises ... They rock the political situation in the United States under the anti-Russian slogans - they either do not understand what harm their own country, and then they just stupid or they all understand, and then they are simply dangerous and unscrupulous people. But in any case, the matter of the United States itself, and we did not intend to interfere and will not ...

With regard to the assessment of President Trump activity, this is not our business, these assessments should give the American people and the American voter. But, of course, this can be done only when Trump will operate at full capacity. "

What does the President of Russia? It is not only about what Moscow says more than one and a half years - since the first call Trump became pro-Russian candidate, and later accused of having links with the "Russian spies". The Kremlin, various Russian officials, and Putin himself told that this is nonsense, the element of internal political struggle in the United States and Russia has nothing to do with it. This position remained unchanged for almost four months have passed since the inauguration of Trump. Putin has occasionally spoken on this subject with some degree of sarcasm.

Now he clearly decided to toughen rhetoric. The grounds were the events of recent days, when the United States developed really schizophrenic campaign accused Trump of disclosing top secret information during the meeting with Lavrov. Although any sane person understands the absolute artificiality another antitrampovskoy fiction, the press continues to campaign to discredit Trump.

It is clear that to carry out any serious work Trump is very difficult in a coordinated media attack, the intelligence community and of the Congress. At any time, any information can be "merged" and filed in the appropriate manner. Yes, while it leaks relate primarily to the relations within the White House and the US-Russian relations - but in these conditions there is no guarantee that at some point the "deep state" begins through plum torpedo and, for example, US-China relations .

That is extremely difficult alignment Trump entire foreign policy work. In any bilateral relationship is the most important personal trust, and if Trump interlocutors will doubt the US president's ability to guarantee the confidentiality of discussions, then a serious foreign policy will have to forget.

Not because of distrust of the Trump personally, but because of the abnormal situation in which turned out to be the American president: the war, which he declared part of the state apparatus of its own country. More precisely, not the state apparatus, and the American establishment. Russia in the war - the main reason for the destruction of Trump, and it is clear that it is our country's most tightly reacts to what is happening.

What do the recent statements by Putin? The fact that the stage of "funny", "stupid" and "not our business" we come to the stage of expressing "deep concern" and "anxiety." Translating from the diplomatic in Russian - raise the tone. The next stage - to make the Inter question of political struggle the subject of discussion at the international level. Yes, that's right - not only the United States can use a variety of political events as a pretext for interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

How many times has the United States broached the issue of the UN on human rights violations in one country or another - to demand from the international community to impose sanctions against it? Or in some of the countries were unfair elections or violate the rights of sexual minorities, or have weapons that the United States believes that this country should not be. All this is a matter of concern for the United States - and should, in their opinion, be the subject of discussion and the reaction of the world community.

The boundaries between the concept of "taking care of international security" and "interference in internal affairs" for the United States have long ceased to exist - America openly declares its sacred duty "rule the nations" and to be "the scourge of God." On the way there is no globalization of nation states and the nooks and crannies of nationalism - all would get and punish the iron hand of the servants' Castle on the hill. "

But this mystical belief in the American elite its mission was good until she had this strength and internal unity. As soon as the power was not enough, and she has broken the American elite, all that was used in relation to the outside world, has turned against the United States. No, America will not get any UN sanctions. But everyone can see how the struggle for power in the country acquires dangerous forms and brings more headaches to the world community.

If such an attack on the president took place in one of the countries friendly to America, then there is no doubt that the whole world press would be already on its ears, protecting the "democratically elected head of state" from conspiracy of chauvinists, radicals, communists, Kremlin agents, Islamists or anything else. Trump no one to defend. He, contrary to the desire of the American establishment, became the head of state, which belongs to them. It can not be removed through legal procedures - impeachment. It remains only to arrange a daily obstruction to the president, with the escalation of hysteria both in the US and in the world.

Americans are afraid of incompetence Trump and his "Russian ties", and the whole world afraid of the fact that Trump or unleash a war everywhere, or, on the contrary, would lead the United States from all regions, thereby bringing down the existing balance of power there. The agitation against Trump used not only false, but also mutually exclusive theses.

The only problem is that it comes to dealing with the president of the biggest world power. And Trump's opponents are willing to use absolutely any topic and methods to combat them. In these circumstances, the key world powers with growing alarm watching what happens in Washington.

US satellites are waiting for what will end the conflict - globalists eat Trump Trump or discourage attacks globalists and starts to deploy an American ship in the direction of national interests. Elite Atlantic "allies" of the US by and large put on opponents Trump - it is for them a stranger, as for the American globalists. Furthermore - to strengthen Trump will strengthen counterelite in the Old World.

But large and independent countries - Russia and China, Turkey and India - can not simply wait for the results of the domestic political struggle in the United States. They need to understand where America is going, it is necessary to solve it now or in spite of it some or other world problems. At the same time, strategically, Trump, of course, is beneficial to all independent centers of power in the world. After all, he really wants to make America the first among equals, and not to try to continue the hopeless and disastrous course for the US as a state for global hegemony. Russia puts Trump on the basis of precisely these considerations. And Trump - if, of course, he is not eliminated purely physically - has every chance to overcome the resistance of the globalist elites.

But this strategy. Tactically, the current stage of political struggle in the United States is extremely dangerous. Trump's opponents in the fight with him did not really think about the national interest of the US - including because they are of secondary importance to them. Putin's surprise - that they do not realize what harm their own country - and given their characteristic, that "if they are just stupid," of course, Delaney. Putin clearly aware of what is going on - and it is the second part of his sentence describes his attitude to what is happening:

"They understand everything, and then they are simply dangerous and unscrupulous people."

That is "dangerous and unscrupulous people," Putin cause "concern, because ... ... it is difficult to imagine to what can still think of the people who generate such nonsense, such nonsense." And this warning - cleartext. This is not Putin's humor, not a joke.

When the Russian president said his "concern", it means that Russia is very concerned about the internal political situation in the United States. Words that what is happening is an internal US matter and we are not going to interfere with it, and were told by Putin - but they did not cancel that same concern.

Which, in principle, at the next round of "American schizophrenia" gives us the full right to take the issue of what is happening in the United States to the international level. Of course, it is not with an appeal to show support for Trump or to impose sanctions against a democratic minority in Congress. And, firstly, with an expression of concern about the use of the Russian factor (that is, rinsing our country) in the domestic political struggle and, secondly, with concern over the unprecedented attack on democratic institutions in the world's largest nuclear power). That is, about the probability of a coup in a superpower. What is not a world-wide emergency situation?

And who is to say that these issues do not disturb the whole world?

A source: LOOK

Author: Peter Akopov

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